6 Places to Host a wreath making class – IN PERSON!

If you haven’t already started hosting crafty classes in person I would highly recommend adding this line of revenue to your to-do list!

Classes are SUPER fun!!!! They are a fantastic way to get your business known in the community and a great way to get a bunch of gals together for a night out…. but I bet you are thinking…. where would I host it??

GOOD NEWS!!! I’ve hosted several classes all over town so I put together a quick guide for you to think about!

Note: You may want to check with your business insurance to see what type of coverage you will need in order to host a wreath making class… maybe even your business lawyer for any advice they may have to offer. Better to be safe than sorry.

When you read through this list think about the cost of your class… Finding a local place that doesn’t charge to host a class may take some research. Here are a few ideas to get started… along with a few ideas that may have a minimal cost.

NOTE: VISIT the location if possible, try to visualize how many people will fit comfortably!

  • Hobby Lobby – Now, I will say that I have FOUR fairly close Hobby Lobby locations to my house. Not all of the locations are the same, you will need to call to speak with their class coordinator for details on your specific location. There were some restrictions at one of the locations (my supplies had to 100% come from Hobby Lobby)… there were zero restrictions at two of the locations and the fourth location was just built… PRIME opportunity for a class!! Hobby Lobby will not “advertise” your class, but they will add you to their class schedule AND you are allowed to hang a flyer on the bulletin board at the front of their store.
  • NOTE: If you host a class at Hobby Lobby… make sure to parade your students through the store looking at all the important departments in the store!
  • Community/Recreation Center – Most of the larger cities have a recreation center/ a place where residents can rent for parties, a place where the city can host events and usually it’s a place where other events can be held. One of the cities I approached even offered to pay for HALF the class cost for their residents as a BONUS!! HOW FUN and what a great perk for the residents! GUESS WHAT… they just booked ANOTHER TWO CLASSES!!!
  • SCHOOL: It wouldn’t hurt to approach your local elementary/middle/high school parent groups/band groups/ athletic groups to host a class as a team building event! A fun school color design would be a wonderful idea for this event! Also keep in mind the idea of a school fundraiser… either through an in-person class or even a KIT. Sure, you may give up some of your profits BUT… you will still end up with an overall profit in the end! This could be an ongoing relationship as well!
  • Church – Definitely if you belong to a church or contact the local churches in your areas. Such a great thing to offer to their parishioners!! You could turn it into a fun family event or even a “Mom & Me” class. In addition to the end of year holiday season wreaths, an Easter wreath would be a great idea for a church wreath class.
  • Restaurant – FUN ATMOSPHERE ALERT!!! In this case, most of the advertising would be from your social media platforms. We have some restaurants that are very large yet not 100 % occupied every day/ all day. Think of your local area, your favorite restaurants to visit… next time you visit ask a manager what it would take to reserve a section for a class. The benefit for the establishment is bringing in folks who will spend money on dinner and or drinks. This would be a good weekend option for the gals who would like a night out with a little atmosphere.
  • Park/ covered pavilion – This is a good option during the pandemic… Although outdoors could be a disaster due to the weather it’s definitely a possibility. Some parks even have an enclosed building that could be an option. In most cases there is a minimal charge for such rental and the social media advertisement opportunity would be with the city.

This is just a few ideas of where you can host your class… So so many ideas around town, some do come with a cost, most don’t! Either way make sure the space you have dedicated for your class is big enough to host the number of attendees!

BONUS: Remember, you have a community or following that would love to attend your classes! When you approach a Restaurant for example… Make sure you announce how your class will be advertised all over social media and therefore by default you will be advertising the venue/Restaurant!

Say something like this: Hi (Manager Name), My name is Melissa and I’m the owner of Sincerely Creative Mom! I make wreaths and teach others how to make them as well. Your establishment would be a perfect space to host a wreath making class (give them a vision of where in the building/space/venue you would gather for a class).

Go on about the size (large or small) of your social media following and give them the idea of what kind of traffic you can bring to their business. If it’s a restaurant, let them know your students will probably come for dinner earlier than your class or stay late after your class for drinks!

In other words… let them know YOU will be bringing their establishment business!!

NOTE: If you are hosting at a restaurant, BE SURE to note that drinks and food are NOT included in the ticket price. (more details on this inside my eBook)

I do have an entire list of places to host along with a 46 page step by step tutorial available when you are ready to start planning your first class!! The ebook comes with a BONUS FREE group where other wreath makers can share ideas about hosting in person classes!!

Here is the link for the ebook: https://www.etsy.com/listing/730924098/how-to-host-a-successful-and-profitable?ref=shop_home_feat_1

Always remember you can text me if you have quick questions: 810-498-2310

Happy planning!


Mellie Mel

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