I’m the luckiest wife ever to have a husband that relentlessly supports me and tries to help with everything. I always say God made Aaron JUST for me!

I’ve always wanted to be a mom… being a Maker allowed us the time to become Foster parents and eventually led to us adopting our two children in 2019. Addison and Grayson mean the entire world to us. It seems like once we became parents… everything we do is for them!

I’m a scatter brain, fly by the seat of my pants, always has 538 things going on at the same time and I don’t seem to know how to use the word No when folks ask me to add something else to my plate!

I’ve been a creative all my life. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of me and my Grandma sitting around the table crafting various things. Then I moved on to scrapbooking and decorating for parties… then added wedding invitations and now garlands, centerpieces and of course wreath making!

Most people don’t know this about me… I used to own a ladies only fitness center… actually WE (my grandmother and I) owned three. At the young age of 21, I signed my first franchise and the next several years are down in history as the best of my 20’s! Being in three places at the same time was an art… and so magical at the same time!

So technically, I started my “teaching” career back then! Teaching all our ladies about nutrition, how to properly workout using our machines and ALL the things that go with getting a good workout! Then I went on in my journey to become an Accounts Receivable Supervisor for a company where I also dabbled in “teaching” just in a different way. Little did I know this was all preparing me for what I do today!


Technically I started my business Facebook page in October 2015… and by October 2017 I had a whopping 300 followers…. That’s when my life completely changed! Who knew that scrolling through Facebook, thinking about what to do as an additional income would lead me to this AMAZING community of crafters all over the WORLD!

This all started because the company I worked for last was bought out by another company. Thus eventually meant my fancy position was being eliminated and our “main office” was being shut down. So, I was on the hunt for a new job!

That’s when Facebook gave me Damon from DecoExchange and in that moment, my life changed forever! My new chapter started in September 2017 and it was slow going. I spent countless hours (before we became Foster parents) studying the art of wreath making and the magic of having a presence in the social media world… and I went to work… this time, for MYSELF!

I started just like everyone else. Selling my beauties to friends and family… and maybe even a few of their friends. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to go far… so I listened closer to my online business coach and mustered enough courage to venture into Etsy.

A whole new world opened up for me and life changed yet again! I’m selling wreaths out of a small boutique in the nearest downtown area, I’m selling on Etsy, I’m coaching others how to be creative in a private group.

The reality of starting a business

When I started I thought it was important to have all the things… the truth is… I wasn’t ready for all the things and neither was my business. Here we are 3 years in and I’m just launching my website… and it really feels right!!!

Sometimes it takes time to figure out what direction you really want to go in, it takes time to felt led to the things you were really meant to do. Be patient.

Coaching other creatives is a DREAM job! I absolutely LOVE being a Creative Coach. I want my message (as unclear as they all may be sometimes) to inspire other moms to turn their hobby into a legit income. Life doesn’t have to be 80% working out of the home with zero time to enjoy family time. Even if your new business just starts as a small side hustle to keep you from taking a part time job (which is kinda sorta how I started) to pay for all the things your children want to join or go do during the summer… or even if you just want extra income for an annual family vacation.

I want to make it clear to all those mommas that it absolutely CAN be done! Creatives have a gift that should be shared with the world. Doesn’t matter how old you are when you start… actually starting is what matters!

Building a business AND being a mom are two of my life long actual dreams… and here they both are, running parallel in my life! It’s the craziest, bestest, greatest thing ever and I wouldn’t change a moment for anything!

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