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How to Make a Floral Grapevine Wreath

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The groundhog may have said 6 more weeks of winter, but my January wreath supply box told me spring is just around the corner, ya’ll! Packed with signs, ribbons and, of course, spring florals, this box inspired me to craft something that celebrates the snow melting and the flowers blooming. There are so many super cute decorations you can make with spring florals, from tulip candle bases and Easter wreaths to spring centerpieces and garland. This box had me wanting to make a gorgeous grapevine wreath with lavender and greenery, an eye catching bow and a sweet sign. Follow along as I show you how to make a floral grapevine wreath of your own. These DIY grapevine wreath instructions and video tutorial will have your own front door welcoming spring in no time!

Wreath Supply Subscription Box

First, can we just take a moment to talk about these subscription boxes from Deco Exchange? Mine’s delivered right to my door every month and comes filled with various high-quality wreath making supplies. This is NOT a wreath kit. It’s a box of seasonally relevant wreath supplies. Having this special surprise come and then creating a design based on the supplies are the best parts! It really helps me think … outside the box!

The January 2022 box was full of spring goodies, with bursts of lavender and green from the floral welcome signs, greenery bush, and beautiful wired ribbons that were included.

The box also came with a work form for a deco mesh wreath, a lush eucalyptus bush, and two other signs – a pink floral welcome sign and an adorable, whimsical Easter sign featuring a cute little Easter bunny. Yes, there are enough supplies for multiple projects!

But I just love, love, LOVED the lavender greenery and welcome sign that came together so beautifully, and I knew they would look great on a grapevine wreath. This step-by-step guide and video tutorial will cover how to make a grapevine wreath with florals and a sign.

Supplies Needed to Make a Floral Grapevine Wreath

Most of the supplies I used in this tutorial came from my monthly wreath supply box, but you can find similar supplies online and at your local craft store.

18-inch grapevine wreath frame

1 10×10 wooden Welcome sign

1 lavender greenery bush

2 purple greenery bushes, 60919

2 greenery leaf bushes, FG5434, from The Wreath Shop

2 2.5-inch wired ribbons

2 1.5-inch wired ribbons

3 pipe cleaners

1 staple gun

1 glue pot

EZ Bow Maker

You can purchase the grapevine wreath frame and purple greenery bushes from my supplies list on Deco Exchange. While you can use hot glue to secure the greenery to the wreath, I love to use a glue pot to make designing faster.

How to Make a Floral Grapevine Wreath with a Sign

Below, you’ll find step-by-step directions on how to make a grapevine wreath with floral bushes and a sign. To see how it’s all done and to get a glimpse of all the goodies that came in the subscription box, watch the tutorial video at the end of this post.

Step 1: Plan how you’ll decorate the floral grapevine wreath

Start with your grapevine wreath. Look it over and find a spot for your sign to lay flat and feel stable. Once you know where your sign will go, plan on where you’ll put a bow. You’ll want to leave that space empty.

Step 2: Attach pipe cleaners to the sign

Use a staple gun to attach pipe cleaners to the back of the sign. Try to line up the place you’re stapling the pipe cleaner to where it touches the wreath, so it doesn’t show in the back.

To add a bit of padding (so the staple doesn’t go through the front of the sign), add a few pieces of cardboard to where you’ll be stapling. You want to staple at the center of the pipe cleaner to the sign, so it has arms that can wrap around the grapevine. Twist the pipe cleaner a few times over the staple to ensure it stays.

Step 3: Attach the sign to the wreath

Lay the sign on the wreath and push the pipe cleaners through the grapevine to the other side, then twist the pipe cleaners tightly to secure the sign to the wreath. Twist the pipe cleaners all the way around each other, and then push them back into the grapevine, so they’re not sticking out in the back.

Step 4: Add your greenery to shape the design

Add the first two greenery bushes to shape the design, leaving a space for the bow. You might need to trim a few branches off the stem so you can slide it into the grapevine. You may also need to bend the greenery stems so they’re more rounded, fitting the shape of the wreath. Shove the stems into the grapevine, then squeeze hot glue into the grapevine, to secure the stems you inserted. You can also dip the stems into your glue pot before inserting them into the grapevine. This is much faster than hot glueing the stems after each time you insert them.

Step 5: Add filler greenery lavender bush evenly throughout

Cut the lavender bush into separate stems. Dip the stems into your glue pot, then insert the stems into the grapevine. Make sure you insert stems in the sides of the wreath and all over, not just on the top. Leave a space on the wreath for a bow.

Step 6: Make a bow

Since we want a bigger bow design, you’ll want to leave the tails longer. Make the loop of your first ribbon about 6.5 inches, then pinch, twist and make another loop. Make two loops on each side by gathering, pinching, twisting, and looping – watch the video below to see how it’s done. You want to have two loops and two tails on each side. Then put that into your EZ Bow Maker. (You can stack the ribbons without the EZ bow maker. I just prefer to use it because it’s easier and faster – and because I have some serious carpal tunnel, ya’ll.)

Repeat the same steps with your next three ribbons, making the loops about one finger-width smaller than the ribbon before it. Lay the bow on top of the ribbon before it in the EZ Bow Maker, making sure each side has two loops and two tails. With the final bow, you’ll want to put it into the bow maker with all the tails on the same side.

Once all the bows are in the EZ Bow Maker, push down then pull all of the ribbons up, making sure they all stay stacked on one another. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the stack of ribbon and twist the pipe cleaner a few times, tightly around the ribbon.

Step 6: Attach the bow

Just as you did to attach the sign, push the bow’s pipe cleaner through the grapevine and twist the pipe cleaners to secure the bow to the wreath. Pull the tails and loops of each ribbon in the bow apart to fluff the bow and spread the ribbon out all over. Make sure every layer is distributed evenly, so the different ribbons are seen. Each bow pattern or color should be separated by another bow pattern or color.

Step 6: Add more filler if necessary

I added more florals to my wreath to add more pops of color that match the flowers in the sign.

Other Grapevine Wreath Ideas

Grapevine wreaths are just beautiful and perfect for spring and summer, but I truly adore them in the winter too! Along with using signs or florals to decorate a grapevine wreath, there are other super cute and elegant decorative pieces to add to your wreath to give you a farmhouse holiday design or a Christmas wreath that’s dripping in luxury. Here are a few ideas.

Use flocked greenery, pine, holly, poinsettia, and Christmas plaid ribbon to decorate your grapevine wreath for a rustic Christmas design.

For glam Christmas décor, add white and silver winter berries and sparkly, metallic, or even snow-leopard print ribbons.

There are so many wonderful ways to decorate a grapevine wreath. Find other inspiration or purchase one of my grapevine wreaths at the Sincerely Creative Mom Etsy shop.

Sign Up For the Wreath Supply Box

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The cost of the box is $60 and that includes the cost of shipping. The box itself usually has about $80-90 worth of supplies. What I love about these boxes is that they include some items that you wouldn’t necessarily buy because, outside of the box, each individual item might be too expensive. The box gives you a variety of high-quality items to try out.

How to Make a Floral Grapevine Wreath

Sincerely Creative Mom is here to walk you through making a super sweet welcome wreath for spring.
Total Time35 minutes
Yield: 1 grapevine wreath


  • 1 staple gun
  • 1 glue pot
  • 1 EZ bow maker


  • 1 18-inch grapevine wreath frame
  • 1 10×10 wooden welcome sign
  • 1 lavender greenery bush
  • 2 purple greenery bushes 60919
  • 2 greenery leaf bushes FG5434
  • 2 2.5-inch wired ribbons
  • 2 1.5-inch wired ribbons
  • 3 pipe cleaners


  • Find a place on the wreath to lay the sign flat and sturdy.
  • Staple the pipe cleaners to the sign. They should be stapled where the sign will touch the wreath.
  • Lay the sign on the wreath and push the pipe cleaners through the grapevine. Twist the pipe cleaners tightly to secure the sign and push the pipe cleaners back into the wreath to hide them.
  • Add the first two greenery bushes to shape the design, leaving space for the bow. Make sure to dip the stems into your hot glue pot before sticking them into the grapevine.
  • Cut the lavender bush into separate stems, dip them into the glue pot and stick them into the grapevine throughout the wreath.
  • Make the bow using each ribbon, starting with a 6.5-inch loop for the first ribbon, then making the next ribbon's loop about one finger-width shorter. Stack each ribbon on top of the other.
  • Attach the bow to the wreath with a pipe cleaner, sticking the pipe cleaner through the grapevine and twisting it to secure the bow.
  • Fluff out your bow, pulling the loops and tails apart and making sure each layer is spread apart and evenly distributed. Make sure each bow pattern or color is separated by another bow pattern or color.
  • Add more filler if necessary.


If you still need to get your supplies, pin this tutorial for later.

I have oodles of video tutorials like this one and I love helping fellow creatives expand their talent! To learn how to make wreaths, garlands and centerpieces, follow Sincerely Creative Mom on Youtube and learn more about creative coaching. You can also sign up for my text group to get notified when I go live or post a new tutorial or video. To join, simply text 810-498-2310 and you’re in!

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