How to Make a Patriotic Wreath – Pancake Style

While it’s still cold in Michigan, spring has officially sprung and, ya’ll, I couldn’t be more excited! The weather is (hopefully) getting warmer and soon enough, pools and campgrounds will be opening for the summer season. Coming up, too, are Memorial Day and Fourth of July – holidays that call for patriotic wreaths. Wreath makers – especially those selling their wreaths – know that holiday and seasonal wreaths are sold months in advance of the holiday or season. So, if you want to know how to make a patriotic wreath, let’s get started already!

This tutorial will so you how to make a Patriotic wreath with mesh and using the popular, patent-pending the Pancake Wreath Frame.

If you’re busy making other creations now, pin this patriotic wreath post to keep these DIY instructions for the future.

Pancake Wreaths and the Pancake Frame

The pancake wreath is my own creation – developed one day when I was prepping for a wreath making class and wondering how I could give my students the most affordable option. This wreath helps make supplies go and is thin enough to fit between two doors.

My absolute favorite supply for this wreath style is the patent-pending pancake wreath frame – co-invented by ME! The flat and sturdy frame helps keep the wreath slim while also holding ALL the things without me worrying if they’ll be too heavy to hold up. It also tells me exactly where to put my pipe cleaners with its built-in notches and corresponding holes.

By purchasing the pancake wreath frame on DecoExchange, you’ll get other supplies that allow you to complete more than one project. That’s because the frame comes in a bundle – with a 10-inch frame and sign extender. Not sure what to do with the additional materials? The Sincerely Creative Mom YouTube page has plenty of tutorials on using those products to make some super cute creations.

What You Need to Make a Patriotic Wreath with Mesh

This supply list contains affiliate links for businesses I use. If you buy something through these links, I may get a small commission

14-inch Pancake Wreath Frame

10-inch-wide deco mesh

Two, 2.5-inch ribbons (for tails)

One, 2.5-inch ribbon (for bow)

Two, 1.5-inch ribbons (for bow)

America the Beautiful sign

Pipe cleaners

Zip ties

Zip tie mounts

You don’t need the exact same ribbon design, deco mesh or patriotic sign to complete this wreath. Having good quantity materials is what’s important. The supplies I used in this video were from one of my kits, which typically come with the pancake wreath frame bundle, deco mesh, ribbon and a sign. You can find available kits at

Prepare Your Wreath Materials

Listed below are the quantities and measurements for each material needed for your wreath. You can save time when you actually go to make your wreath by having everything prepped beforehand.


On the back of your sign, attach zip tie mounts to the right and left edge of the sign, right in the middle, between the corners.

Use a teensy tiny drop of DAP Rapid Fuse to ensure the mounts stick. Clamp the zip tie mounts to help them adhere firmly to the sign.

Tail ribbons:

To make your tails, take two, 2.5-inch ribbon designs and cut 12 ribbons, 14 inches long for each design. Dovetail the ends by folding the ends in half and cutting at an angle on the fold toward the top to make a nice v shape.

Take one of each tail, and stack them on top of one another with your favorite design on top, then fold the stack in half. Repeat until you have twelve stacks of two ribbon designs.

Deco Mesh:

Cut 12 pieces of mesh, 20-inches long. If you’re using a mesh roll from one of my kits, you may have a little extra left over.

How to Make a Patriotic Wreath

This Deco Mesh Pancake Style Patriotic Wreath DIY can be followed by any level of wreath maker.

Step 1: Wrap pipe cleaners around frame notches

Take 12 pipe cleaners and stick each one through the holes going around the frame. Wrap each one over the corresponding notch, then twist close to the notch so it fits snuggly around the frame.

Step 2: Make and attach your mesh ruffles

Ruffle each deco mesh piece right up the center, scrunching the material as you pull the piece toward you. Pinch the center of the ruffle tight, then place the center into the arms of the pipe cleaners attached to the frame. You want to do this with all the pipe cleaners along the outer edge of the frame first.

Twist the pipe cleaner twice over the center of the ruffle to secure it to the frame, then overlap the ends of the ruffle to make it flat and circular. Flip the outer perimeter of each circle down so it doesn’t roll up and into itself.

Before adding your ruffles to the inner edge of the frame, you need to add ribbon tails to the outer ruffle first.

Step 3: Attach your ribbon tails to your first ring of ruffles

Take six of your ribbon tail stacks to add to your outer ruffle ring. Unfold each stack, scrunch up the middle (like you did with the mesh), pinch the center into a V shape, then place it in the arms of the pipe cleaners on top of each ruffle. The ribbon tails should face out. Twist the pipe cleaner over twice more to hold everything together, then cut off the excess pipe cleaner.

Pull the tails up and down, then side to side to spread them out. Make sure to keep the pattern of the ribbon designs the consecutive – with each design showing on every other ribbon tail.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 along the inner ring

For the inner part of the frame, you’ll do just as you did on the outer. Make and attach the ruffles, then add the ribbon tails. The inner ring of ruffles will overlap, which will cover the frame. This is good because we don’t want to see the frame (no matter how much we love it!).

Step 5: Attach your sign

Add your pipe cleaners to the zip tie mounts on the back of the sign. Then stick the pipe cleaners through the mesh, wrapping them around the frame and twisting behind the frame – near the edge – to secure. The sign should be attached to the frame on both sides. Though I didn’t use them in this tutorial, the pancake wreath frame does come with smaller holes positioned along the inner ring that you can poke the pipe cleaners through and wrap around to attach signs and bows.

Step 5: Make your patriotic bow

Starting with the 2.5-inch ribbon you chose for the bow, make a 7-inch tail. Make a 6-inch loop, then pinch, twist and loop and pinch, twist and loop once more. You will have three loops.

Next, take one of your 1.5-inch ribbons and make the tail about 6.5 inches. Make three loops with that ribbon and a short tail.  When stacking your ribbons for your bow, the first bow layer will have two loops on one side and one loop on the other. When you stack the next ribbon layer, out two loops on the side that had one loop previously and two loops on the side that had one.

Take your second 1.5-inch ribbon and make a medium loop (about 3-4 inches). This will be your center loop of the bow. Then pinch, twist and loop to make three loops. Stack on top of the previous two ribbons.

Dovetail the ends of your tails.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the ribbon stack and twist several times to secure.

Pull the center loop over the pipe cleaner in the center to hide it. Spread your loops and tails, making sure you can see all ribbon designs.

Pro Tip: I have bad carpal tunnel, so you’ll notice in the video tutorial for this patriotic wreath, I use this cool little tool, the EZ Bow Maker from DecoExchange. It holds each layer of ribbons (loops and tails) as you build each part of the bow. Once your stack is complete, you can lift your ribbon stack right out of the maker.

Step 6: Attach your bow to the frame

Just as you did for the sign, you’ll attach your bow to the frame by sticking the arms of the bow’s pipe cleaner through the mesh and wrap them around the frame, twisting to secure.

Learn How to Match Your Wreath Supplies

Patriotic wreath for Memorial Day and Fourth of July (or whenever you want to celebrate freedom!) are some of the easiest to coordinate. It’s a bit simpler to match supplies and ribbons when the color scheme is red, white and blue and the patterns are typically stars and stripes.

But it’s a little harder when an Easter wreath could feature pastels, deep purples, shades of greens, floral bunches and greenery, and ribbons and signs featuring eggs, bunnies, flowers and polka dots or a Christmas wreath could be a mix of reds and greens, white, silver and gold, or shades of blue, and have ribbons and signs featuring Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, gingerbread or candy canes. Don’t even get me started on the many other holidays and seasons and “just because” wreaths that could be any color scheme and design.

Like this one:

The possibilities may feel absolutely endless!!

OK take a breath. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to pick out designs and colors to make the perfect wreath. It can actually be fun and exciting! And I am hosting a new class that will leave you feeling confident in matching supplies, ribbons, colors and patterns!

My new class, Wreath Wish, is the ultimate wreath supply matching experience. And it’s VIRTUAL – so you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!!

You will learn:

  • Color coordination
  • Pattern pairing
  • Supply selection

You will get:

  • Community support
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Creative freedom
  • Bonus material – including bow and bow shipping tutorials and coupons to other Sincerely Creative Mom classes

After the class, you’ll feel more confident in your designs, have more fun designing and save time at the store by knowing what works together It will help you know better what patterns and colors will go with that perfect sign you’ve been eyeing at the store.

Patriotic Wreath Recipe

This simple, shorter version without all the detail can be help to print out and reference as you move through the video. It also comes with a supply list that you can use when shopping for all your materials.

Patriotic Deco Mesh Pancake Wreath

Learn how to make a patriotic deco mesh wreath using the pancake style method on the amazing pancake wreath frame!
Total Time1 hour 15 minutes
Keyword: 4th of July wreath, Memorial Day wreath, pancake frame, Pancake wreath, Patriotic wreath
Yield: 1 wreath


  • 14-inch Pancake Wreath Frame
  • 1 roll 10-inch-wide deco mesh
  • 3 designs  2.5-inch ribbons
  • 2 designs 1.5-inch ribbons
  • 1 Patriotic sign
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Zip ties


  • Add zip tie mounts to back of sign. Cut two, 2.5-inch ribbon designs for tails (12 pieces at 14-inches long each). Cut 12 pieces of deco mesh, 20-inches long. Stack your ribbon tails in twos – one of each design.
  • Stick one pipe cleaner through each hole, wrapping around each corresponding notch, and twisting to secure. You'll have 6 pipe cleaners around the outer edge of the frame and 6 around the inner edge.
  • Ruffle your deco mesh up the middle, pinching the center, laying it in the arms of each pipe cleaner, and twisting to secure. Only add mesh ruffles to outer edge of frame.
  • Ruffle up the center of each ribbon stack and pinch. Lay one stack atop each ruffle (ribbon tails facing out), and the pipe cleaner arms to secure.
  • Repeat for the inner edge of the frame – adding ruffles and ribbon tails the same way.
  • Add pipe cleaners to the zip tie mounts in the back of the sign. Stick the pipe cleaners through the mesh, wrapping them around the frame and twisting behind the frame to secure the sign to the frame.
  • Make your bow using the rest of your ribbon. Starting with the 2.5-inch ribbon, make a 7-inch tail, then three, 6-inch loops by pinching, twisting and looping. Using on of your remaining 1.5-inch ribbons, do the same – make a 6.5-inch tail and three loops (a tad smaller than the first ribbon). Stack the 1.5-inch ribbon atop the 2.5-inch, alternating which side has two loops and which side has one. Finally, take the last 1.5-inch ribbon. The final ribbon will have an additional loop – the center loop of the bow – about 3-4 inches.
    Pinch the center of your ribbon stack, and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center, twisting several times to secure all layers of ribbon. Pull the center loop over the pipe cleaner, then pull and spread all loops.
  • Secure your bow to the frame by pushing the arms of the pipe cleaner through the mesh and wraping them around the frame, twisting to secure.
  • Fluff your bow and spot check your sign, tails and deco mesh to ensure all the designs are visible, your frame is hidden and everything is staying where it should.



The video in this tutorial was made during a Facebook live. It is a live lesson, which is why there is a lot of convo, shoutouts and hellos!!

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