Is Being a Podcast Guest on Your List?

Have y’all ever been interviewed on a PODCAST before??? 

So…… about this time, three years ago…. I was still living on cloud nine after attending the first Wreath MAKERS Live event in Fort Worth TEXAS! Little did I know…. the friendships that blossomed that weekend would literally change my life! 

Mellie Mel from Sincerely Creative Mom being a podcast guest

I had NO idea where I was headed but I did feel like I was headed in the right direction! 
Learning all the things, thinking I needed to do ALL the things at once… LOL my brain felt like it was going to bust! 

The Journey to Being a Podcast Guest

I vividly remember standing in line…. for what I thought was “registration” for the Wreath Makers Live event. Until the gal in front of me said it was the line to meet Damon Oates and my insides started to shake. 

Hahaha he certainly didn’t know me but I definitely knew him. 

By this point…. I had watched him on his Facebook lives for about 10 months…. listened, learned, took actual notes, signed up for his coaching groups and really started to believe that I could chase my dreams (a few of them). 

After meeting Damon…. I never EVER imagined that just three short years later he would have built an empire, inspired a crafting phenomenon across the world AND host a podcast….. AND would be inviting me to be a guest!



I honestly couldn’t give you an answer. My business feels like a LOT of scatter brained moving parts just coexisting together with some hot glue! I can’t even find my words half the time! 

What…. for real? 

Hahaha YES… and the interview hits the podcast TODAY!!! (Thursday July, 30 2020)

Bottom left picture… Wreath Makers Live 2018… I think my crazy smile says it all! ️️
I’m super excited to be a part of this community….. y’all are super loving, endlessly supportive… so very powerful and I love y’all for all of it!!! ️️

collage of photos of when Mellie met her business coaches and collaborators

I’m so grateful…… thankful….. and BEYOND blessed to be a part of ALL this!!! 
Ahhhhh…… I’m nervous to hear the podcast y’all! When we (my Gram and I) owned the gyms back in the day… My Gram used to tell me all the time… “Act like you’ve been here before Melissa”! LOL she would say that to calm me down when I was the most excited!!! 
But y’all…. a stinkin PODCAST!! With DAMON!!! ️

Listen to the Podcast Below

How fun is this! I’m just a mom… trying to make enough income to stay home and raise my babies!

Mellie Mel giving a thumbs up

Don’t forget to tune into the Makers Mean Business Podcast and listen to all their interviews!!! Lots of inspiring folks and tons of great tips!!! I’m always looking forward to the next episode!!! 
Being a Maker means I get to be a MOM! I’m forever grateful! 

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