Lighting and Pictures!

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In my opinion… The number one thing that makes folks on Etsy stop to look at your item is the PICTURE!!!

A nice clean/ crisp background, nice and bright, crystal clear…. Your picture showcases your work of art so it should look the BEST!!

So many of you have questions on what kind of lighting I use and where I purchase them… so here they are:

Progressively, here is a list of the lighting kits I’ve purchased over the last 3 years.

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When I first started… I had no idea what I should really have…. So, The very first lighting Kit I ever ordered was this one:

Then I moved on to these for the soft box (a light cover over the actual light): they did work well but then I was just adding more tripods on the ground for me to trip over.

So then I added a Ring light: it was MUCH brighter, the light was more focused and it had a place for me to add my Mevo camera for recording!

 Please don’t think you need all of these. The number one reason I ordered lighting was to take pictures, then I realized they could help with my Facebook lives…

Then there were way too many tripods on the ground (y’all know I trip over everything) so then I moved on to these: SUPER bright and they attach to the table, NO tripod on the ground!

Also… Currently, When I’m live the camera I use is the Mevo:

That about covers it all. Hope this helps

Please note: by no means do you have to start with this, Natural lighting can work just as well, just really keep in mind a clear, clean crisp background and you are on the right track!

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