Links for ALL the THINGS

I’m always asked for a link to this or a link to that… so here’s ONE spot for everything… I think!

Let’s face it… if we are going to spend our hard earned money it’s a tiny bit easier to do so when someone we know has touched, used and played with the thing we want already… because if someone else recommends something it must be good right lol ….

That way, someone else risked their money to see if they like it and if they do… It’s easier for me to click on the “add to cart” button lol

*NOTE: This list contains affiliate links. I may or not use these things the exact way they are intended to be used… like the glue pot… it’s an actual kitchen skillet that I use in my craft room for glue. This is just a list of all the actual things I use for business (or even in life) that I have found helpful!

So… here it is: Links for ALL the THINGS!!

Pancake Wreath Frames:

Wreath Kit Boxes:

Mini Cordless Glue Gun:

Zip Tie Gun:

If y’all are looking for a super FUN and Reeeeeeeeally EASY family game!!! TRUST ME on this…. the Spot It game is so much fun!!! They have all types, of course we have the Frozen version!

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BUSINESS COACHING has saved my business time and time again! Learn from a business who has gone through all the steps and is STILL building an empire… I learned just about everything I know about this business from here:

I wrote an entire eBook on my passion about Hosting In PERSON wreath classes… How to do everything from start to finish!! How to Host a PROFITABLE IN PERSON Wreath Class!! IT’s available on Etsy, here’s the link: How to Host a successful and PROFITABLE Wreath Making Class | Etsy

I also wrote an eBook and taught a class on being a successful Vendor at a local Boutique… great class and very useful information. You can check it out here:

Deco Exchange: Wreath supplies, Glue gun, Stem Cutter, Rotary Cutter, cutting mat, Flower Boards, Signs, Mesh and RIBBON!!! – great quality stuff –

Flower Board:

Stem Cutter:

Big Glue Gun:

Staple Gun:

3/8 Staples for Sign Extenders:

1/4 Staples for Wood Signs:


Branded Stickers:

Rotary cutter:

EZ Bow Maker:

Color Wheel:

Pick Machine: Stemming Machine (Green) – Sam’s Club

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PINTEREST: Find out if your Pinterest business account stinks, my friend Allie IS the Pinterest guru, take her challenge here:…/107…

Keleas: Beautiful floral supplies & ribbon

Candle Rings & Hot Mesh Mom: Super cute wooden blanks to paint, wooden rails to create with:

The Wreath Shop: All wreath supplies and more –

Janes Front Door Decor: good quality metal signs, You can find Janes signs on Etsy – use the code: Sincerely10 for 10% off your order.

How to Host a Wreath Class In Person tutorial:

My glue pot:

Glue… I use alllll kinds of glue… where ever I am, If I see glue… I add it to my cart (in person or online)… here are a few of the variations I use:

My wood burner, used for Poly Burlap Mesh:

My Tempered glass that I use with the wood burner:

The camera I use for recording:

Glue gun holder:

Mutt Scrub (all natural dog shampoo that seriously helps with the inching):

Blue handle scissors:

Logo Stickers:

Zip Ties for Flower wreaths:

Zip Tie mounts to attach signs: or

I buy Wreath boxes here:

Wreath KIT Boxes:

BOW boxes:

lighting kits I use: ,

Ring Light I use for Facebook Lives:

If you need help with SHIPPING… this class LITERALLY saves me money every single day:

Speaking of SHIPPING… here is where I order all my STICKERS, LABELS, KEYCHAINS, BRANDED PACKING TAPE AND BUTTONS... SUPER good quality, Super fast delivery! PLUS, If you use this link you will receive a $10 credit when you spend $10, WIN!!!

Speaking of shipping… LIFE MADE EASY with a LABEL PRINTER:

Speaking of shipping…… here’s a class I took to learn HOW to ship and what companies to use:

The Creative Coaches and I hosted a CENTERPIECE CHALLENGE, all 5 of us plus a special guest create a centerpiece masterpiece… here is the link:

If you are in business you need to know Who your Perfect Customer (also known as “Who is Your Perfect Person) is so that you can target them in ALL the things you do/say/post… here is a class that will help you find THOSE customers:

Did you know there is a membership of JUST DISCOUNTS?? tons of coupon codes that will save on supplies with so many vendors… I’m a member of this group so that I can save every penny I can at all the places… you know me… EVERY penny counts!!! You can sign up here:

Life hack… I’m NOT a kitchen gadget person… by far… but this little tool has made me happy over and over and over again! I like my salads with tiny chopped veggies… or onions for my summer pasta salad… I like them TINY… this chopper was recommended to me and I’ve purchased a few of them for gifts because I love it so much!!!

haha this hair dryer is one you didn’t know you needed lol I feel like a fresh blow out from the salon every time I use this thing! It’s super easy to use… the ONLY downfall is that it’s not super light. that takes a minute to get used too. otherwise, totally love!!It’s a perfect gift for yourself or to gift to your Mom!Here’s my aff link: Also… this is real life here friends, don’t mind the nails that need to be done or the hair in the hair dryer…Just figured I would tell you about this thing I love that can be a great gift (for yourself or others). THIS was a Christmas gift to me and I stinkin LOVE IT!!!

That’s all I can think of at the moment but I will for sure be adding more as questions are presented!

I hope this helps guide you to answers, If not… You can always Text Me a question and I’ll be happy to help 810-498-2310

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