Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

May is just the time to start getting your patriotic door décor out and ready to celebrate America. We’ll have Memorial Day in just a couple of weeks, and just around the corner is the Fourth of July! The best thing about patriotic wreaths is that they can double as a Memorial Day wreath and Fourth of July wreath. Bust out the red, white, and blue and follow these steps to learn how to make a patriotic deco mesh wreath just in time for the upcoming holidays that celebrate our great country. If you’re not ready to make this deco mesh wreath just yet, make sure you pin this tutorial for later.

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Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath Supplies

This wreath is considered a pancake wreath as it’s thinner than a traditional deco mesh wreath and uses less supplies – you can make a full wreath with just one roll of mesh! All of the supplies I used in this tutorial were from my America Wreath Kit. If the kit is sold out or you’d like to purchase your own materials, here are the supplies you need to make your own deco mesh wreath that celebrates America.

For the wreath:

14-inch wreath wire frame

1 America the Beautiful sign

1 roll 10-inch deco mesh (this one is burlap color jute, one of my faves!)

2, 2.5-inch wired ribbon (5 yards each)

2 zip tie mounts

For the bow:

1, 2.5-inch wired ribbon (2 yards)

2, 1.5-inch wired ribbons (2 yards each)

Pipe cleaners

I also have a few other patriotic wreath kits in stock (at the time of this writing) that you can order that are very similar to this one. Check them out in my Etsy shop.

Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath Step-By-Step

Ya’ll always ask what my favorite mesh is, and my answer is always the jute mesh with the foil going through it. That’s the deco mesh we’ll be using today. It’s a little lighter coverage since it is a bit see-through, but we have ribbon clusters and a gorgeous patriotic bow to help cover the frame.

Step 1: Prepare your mesh and ribbon.

Cut your mesh in 12 pieces that are 20 inches.

Cut the two, 2.5-inch wired ribbons you’ll be using for your wreath into 12 pieces that are 14 inches long. Take one of each ribbon and put them together with your favorite pattern on top. Then fold each pair in half.

Step 2: Attach pipe cleaners to wreath frame.

Twist one pipe cleaner around the frame’sinner two rings at each of the frame’s six brackets. Then, twist a pipe cleaner around the outer two rings, positioned between the six brackets. Make sure the pipe cleaners are tied tight, down to the wire frame.

Step 3: Make your deco mesh ruffle

Lay your mesh down so the roll is towards you, then scrunch the mesh, gathering it as you pull it towards you, ruffling right up the center. If you’re using the mesh with the foil lines, use the blue middle line to ruffle up the center. Pinch the middle of the mesh ruffle to look like a butterfly.

Step 4: Attach your mesh ruffle

Starting with the outer pipe cleaners, lay the ruffle between the pipe cleaners horizontally, with its “wings” going out side to side. Then twist the pipe cleaner around the center of the ruffle. Since we are making this wreath pancake style, you’ll overlap the bottom and top of the right “wing” over the left bottom and top. The mesh will be round and flat.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 around the outer pipe cleaners.

Step 5: Attach your ribbon clusters

Take your folded ribbon pairs, unfold them and pinch the centers to make them into a V shape, then lay them in the middle of your mesh clusters with the ribbon tails facing out towards you. Attach the ribbon with the pipe cleaners, then cut off any excess pipe cleaner. Pull the ribbon tails about and spread them out.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 on the inner ring

After attaching the mesh clusters to the inner rings, go through and add your ribbon clusters.

Step 7: Make and attach your patriotic bow

Using the 2.5-inch wired ribbon, measure about 8 inches for the tail, then make a 6-inch loop. Pinch, twist, then make another loop. Repeat until you have two loops and a tail on each side.

Then do the same with your 1.5-inch ribbons, making the tail and loops a little bit smaller. Make two loops on each side.

The final bow made with the 1.5-inch ribbon will have an extra smaller loop at the center to hide the pipe cleaner. The center loop should be about 1.5 inches smaller than the other loops. Once you make that loop, pinch, twist, and make the other loops slightly bigger. You’ll have two loops on each side in addition to the center loop.

Stack the ribbons on top of one another (an EZ Bow Maker helps with this) and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center. Dovetail the ribbon ends, then lift the center loop up to hide the pipe cleaner. Push the pipe cleaner through the mesh and ribbon, wrap it around the wreath rings, and twist the pipe cleaner to secure it. Fluff your bow by pulling and separating the tails and loops.

Step 8: Attach your patriotic sign

Stick the zip tie mounts to the back of your sign. Push the pipe cleaners through the mounts about an inch and twist the zip tie, leaving a long pipe cleaner arm on each side of the sign. Lay the sign on the wreath, positioning it to cover the pipe cleaners in the center of your mesh and ribbon clusters. Push the pipe cleaners through the wreath, twist and secure them in the back.

Deco Mesh Wreath DIY Resources

Whether you’re just starting out making deco mesh wreaths or have been making them for years, DIY resources can help take your wreath making to the next level. They can help you find inspiration or offer designs that were thoughtfully put together with all of the supplies you need.

One resource is wreath kits, which come with a specific design and the materials that you need to create it. I sell many types of DIY wreath kits in my Etsy shop. The supplies included in each kit will depend on the project, but supplies typically include a wire frame, deco mesh, ribbon, pipe cleaners, mounts, and sign.

Another resource is a monthly subscription box from Deco Exchange. Every month, a new box is delivered right to your door! These boxes are best used for inspiration, with wreath supplies that help motivate and inspire you to create something uniquely your own! This is NOT a wreath kit. Instead, you get various seasonally-relevant wreath-making supplies and use your creativity and amazing talent to think up a project of your own.

And of course, I’ll always supply you with plenty of video tutorials. And if you love these videos, be one of the first to be notified when I go live or post a new tutorial by joining my text group. Just text 810-498-2310 to get added. Once you’re in, you’ll get alerts on new videos and when new wreath kits are available. These texts can get you first dibs on these kits and other things like boxes of practice ribbon and tickets to events. You can also text me pictures of your projects and send any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer. Text 810-498-2310 to join.

Deco Mesh DIY Printable Instructions

Print and save these step-by-step instructions below as a shopping list and guide. You can also watch this video and find other wreath and other home décor tutorials on my YouTube channel.

How To Make A Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath

Sincerely Creative Mom is here to walk you through the steps of making a patriotic deco mesh wreath for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.
Total Time1 hour
Keyword: 4th of July wreath, Deco Mesh wreath, DIY wreath, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Memorial Day wreath, Patriotic wreath
Yield: 1 wreath


  • 1 14-inch wreath wire frame
  • 1 America the Beautiful sign
  • 1 10-inch deco mesh roll burlap color jute
  • 2 2.5-inch wired ribbon 5 yards each
  • 2 zip tie mounts
  • 1 2.5-inch wired ribbon 2 yards
  • 2 1.5-inch wired ribbon 2 yards each
  • pipe cleaners


  • Cut 12 pieces of mesh at 20 inches. Cut 12 ribbon tails from each of your 2.5-inch wired ribbon at 14 inches long. Pair the ribbon tails together, with your favorite pattern on top.
  • Attach pipe cleaners around the top (or inner) two rings at each of theframes six brackets. Then attach six more pipe cleaners around the bottom (or outer) rings in the spaces between the brackets.
  • Lay your mesh flat, then gather the mesh in the center as you pull ittowards you to make a mesh ruffle.
  • Starting with the outer ring only, lay the mesh ruffle horizontally on top of the pipe cleaner and secure the pipe cleaner around the center of the ruffle.
  • Overlap the top and bottom of the right side of the mesh ruffle over the top and bottom on the left side mesh ruffle. The mesh will look like a circle and lay flat.
  • Repeat steps 4-5 for all outer pipe cleaners.
  • Take your pairs of ribbon, pinch each pair at the center, then lay each pair in the middle of a mesh cluster and twist the pipe cleaner around the ribbon. Do this for each outer mesh cluster.
  • Repeat steps 3-7 for the inner ring.
  • Make a bow with your 2.5-inch and 1.5-inch wired ribbons. Start with your 2.5-inch ribbon. Measure an 8-inch tail, then make two, 6-inch loops on each side by looping, pinching, twisting, then making another loop. Repeat the same for your 1.5-inch ribbons, making each one with a shorter tail and loops. When working on the final ribbon, along with two loops on each side, you’ll make a center loop that is 1.5 inches smaller than the other loops.
  • Stack the ribbons on top of one another and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center. Use the center loop to hide the pipe cleaner. Push the pipe cleaner through the mesh and ribbon, wrap it around the wreath rings, and twist the pipe cleaner to secure it. Fluff your bow by pulling and separating the tails and loops. Dove tail the ends.
  • Glue zip mounts to the back of your sign, then attach a pipe cleaner to each mount, making sure the pipe cleaner’s arms are long enough to stick through the mesh and twist around the frame.


Throughout the video tutorial, you’ll hear me talk about the amazing wreath making event I had back in April called Fill Your Creative Cup. During this one-day event, wreath designers from all over the country learned how to make a patriotic deco mesh wreath and candle holder, made connections, got professional photos taken and ate some great food! It was such a success, I’m hoping to have another 2-day event later this year. If you join my text group by texting 810-498-2310, you’ll get a heads up with more details once we get them.

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