Perfect Your Tree Decorating with the Holiday Tree Class

I don’t know if I can put into words the feeling I get when I see a Christmas tree lit up. I think the best way to describe it is the moment in the Christmas movies, when the tree lights up and the lights are reflecting in the crowd’s eyes and everyone is smiling and cheering. The holiday season – and the staple holiday tree – can bring about feelings of awe and wonder, surprise, nostalgia, and joy. For kids, the first time seeing the tree is a memory made. For adults, it’s often a memory unlocked. And. I. Stinkin’. LOVE. It.

I love the feelings that seeing a beautiful or quirky or traditional tree bring for me. And I love knowing how my trees can make my family and friends, visitors and clients feel. For years, I’ve decorated holiday trees in my home – sometimes getting to share those memories with my kids. With the kiddos or not, I indulge in the cheer, beauty, recollections and FUN that comes with the holiday season and pour it out into my holiday tree designs.

Throughout the years, my tree decorating has extended beyond Christmas into other holidays and seasons and my trees have gotten more detailed, more luxurious, more unique and professional. And now, I want to share all my tips, secrets, and expertise with you! Just in time for the winter holiday season, you can enroll in the Holiday Tree Class from Sincerely Creative Mom (! This new class will grow your skill and confidence in tree decorating and I cannot wait to see what amazing trees you make from what you learn!

Read on to learn the details.

What is the Holiday Tree Class?

The Holiday Tree Class by Sincerely Creative Mom is an in-depth training on decorating various holiday trees. Through video tutorials, helpful guides, Q&As and coupons for materials, I help you feel comfortable and confident decorating holiday trees for your home and your clients!

In this class, you learn how to decorate a tree for Christmas, Fall and Halloween. You’ll also learn how to add ribbon and large ornaments, install a tree topper and balance the tree with all the different elements. The class also covers two major decorating techniques.

And the best part? It’s easy for any level and any budget. I even show you how to stretch your supplies so you can get the best bang for your buck!

The original, live class was a three-day online workshop, BUT just because you missed the live classes doesn’t mean you missed out on the opportunity to learn how to decorate your holiday tree! You can still purchase this class now and immediately gain access to all of the content! This way, you can watch and decorate at your own pace!

What does the Holiday Tree Class Include?

With this class, you’ll get more than 10 hours of content! That includes a Fall tree tutorial, a Christmas tree decorating tutorial, that was demonstrated LIVE on Facebook. There’s also a tutorial on making a Christmas tree topper bow and stuffing greenery into your tree. Along with seeing Christmas tree decoration ideas come to life before your eyes, you’ll also get the full supply list, along with links to many of the items listed! As a class member, you’ll also receive coupon codes that are exclusive to the Holiday Tree Class!

Do you have tree decorating questions? I have answers – in fact, 3 HOURS of answers! You’ll get to re-watch a live Q&A I did during the actual, live class, in which I answer many common questions from creatives just like you.

The class also includes guides that provide expert tips – like the correct order to add items to your tree and how many supplies you need (lights, garland, picks/sprays, and ornaments) per every foot of tree height.

Too long didn’t read? Here’s a quick list of what you’ll get in the class:

  • 10+ hours of content
  • Christmas tree decorating tutorial
  • Fall and Halloween tree decorating tutorials
  • Christmas tree topper bow tutorial
  • Greenery stuffing tutorial
  • Supply lists
  • Coupon codes for supplies, eBooks, and other creative classes
  • Guides
  • Tips for maximizing your budget
  • Holiday tree Q&A
  • Holiday tree ideas and inspiration

Is the Class Just for Christmas Trees?

While the class does include a Christmas tree decorating tutorial, the class is NOT just for Christmas Trees! The trees decorating tips and tricks you’ll learn in this class can be applied to any tree for any holiday! Everything you learn here will help you with year-round holiday tree decorations!

In fact, the class even includes a bonus fall tree tutorial and Halloween tree tutorial. I had so much fun with this class, ya’ll, I’m ready to have year-round holiday trees myself!

How to Access the Holiday Tree Class

As mentioned above, you can purchase this class now and everything is available on the website immediately after you purchase it!

There are a few ways to access the Holiday Tree Class (I am all about making it easy for you!)

  • Go to, read about the class and click “Enroll Now” toward the bottom of the page.
  • From this website – – click the “Shop” tab at the top, then click “Classes.” From there, you’ll find the Holiday Tree Class listed under Available Workshops.
  • Visit to see links to ALL the things… all things Sincerely Creative Mom and all my favorite things! In there, you’ll find a link to the Holiday Tree Decorating Class.

Remember, the instant you purchase the class, you’ll have access to everything! No waiting required.

Other Frequently Asked Questions on the Holiday Tree Class

Do you still have questions about the class? I’m here to help! Here are a few commonly asked questions from curious creatives!

How Much Does the Class Cost?

Here’s an early holiday present for you – while the class is valued at $1,275, it’s only $40! That’s right – you can purchase the Holiday Tree Class for just $40!

What Other Tree Decorating Bonuses Will I Get?

Along with step-by-step tree tutorials and some pretty rad tree decorating ideas – including Christmas tree ideas, fall and Halloween tree tutorials and year-round tree decorating ideas and tips – you’ll also receive a tree topper tutorial, tree topper bow tutorial and some great, EXCLUSIVE coupons for, eBooks and other classes! *below pictured tree toppers are examples of previously decorated trees, not included in this class but the technique is totally taught in this class**

Do I Need to be a Tree Decorating Pro?

Absolutely not! It took me YEARS to perfect my tree decorating and I am still learning new tips and techniques! This class is for all levels – and all budgets. In it, I provide REAL TALK – sharing my technique, my mistakes, my methods, my favorite supplies and the reasoning behind my design choices! I don’t hold anything back!

What are People Saying About the Class?

I couldn’t have asked for better decorators to share my time with! I’ve heard so many wonderful things from all of the amazing participants who have taken the class so far. Here are a few of my favorite comments from creative students in the class Facebook group.

“Thank you so much Melissa for another wonderful class. I learned so much. I appreciate all of your hard work to put it together. Thank you thank you thank you!”

“Thank you so much for your time and talents enjoyed every minute of this class. You out did this class amazing!”

‘Thank you so much Melissa…really enjoyed this class so much…learned a lot from you.”

“The class was fabulous and a lot of great ideas and inspiration.”

“This class was amazing! You did an amazing job teaching. I hadn’t ever thought to decorate a tree like that and now I’m loving it.”

Other Offerings from Sincerely Creative Mom

Teaching other creatives is something I am truly passionate about! There are so many ways Sincerely Creative Mom has allowed me to educate others. Here’s where you can find all the different ways I can help you hone your craft:

  • Wreath recipes on the blog
  • Video tutorials on the Sincerely Creative Mom YouTube channel
  • Live videos on my Facebook page
  • Creative Coaching with The Makers University
  • Ebooks on hosting a wreath class, pitching to boutiques
  • Various online and in-person classes and workshops
  • Creative events, like 2022’s Fill Your Creative Cup and 2024’s Falloween

If you’re a wreath maker, check out my new Pancake Wreath Frame (patent pending)! This frame was created by me and Damon from DecoExchange and made specifically for the Mel’s Pancake Recipe.  

One of the coolest things I offer is a text group, which notifies everyone in the group when there’s a new video, when I’m going live or when new classes and challenges are available. You’ll also receive texts for first dibs on new supplies. I won’t ever overwhelm your inbox – and the texting is a two-way street. I would love to have you send me pictures of your beautiful projects and any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them.

There’s even more you can get from Sincerely Creative Mom and I am so excited to have you here. If you don’t want to dive into tree decorating just yet, take a look around and see what else interests you on your creative journey. I am thrilled to help along the way!

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