RECYCLE your social media content course!

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ATTENTION WREATH MAKERS! Can we talk and be real for a minute??

Y’all may see me in a different view than I see myself…. so, I’m here to show you…. I’m working my business and taking the courses and working all the challenges just like y’all.

I took Parker’s 5 day Create Quality Content course… LOVED IT! Truly he gave us an enormous amount of content during this challenge that I tired to soak up and take all the notes!!!

I’m legit ready to dive into this Recycle your Content Course!

And now I’m moving on to his RECYCLE YOUR CONTENT training course!

Y’all…. “Run your own race” isn’t just about business…. it’s about LIFE!

I wish this course was available when I started, I would have at least known what direction to go in with all the things I want to say and do on my platforms! But…. it took Parker and Deco Exchange a while to go through their own experiences…. shake things out on their end… learn, grow and to get to a point in their own race to slow down enough….. and recognize their audience has a DESIRE for their experiences/direction.

I really hope I’m making sense here…, Anyways, I just wanted you to realize something…..

As far along as y’all think I am/have come in this business, I’m still taking strides and courses that beginner (and intermediates AND advanced) folks take!

I don’t have all the answers, I’m still learning and refreshing all the things because that’s what I need to grow! If you are interested in learning how to use the content you have already created…. and recycle it through all the platforms and all the ways…. and if you wanna be in the same class I am in 🤪🤪…. here’s my aff link to join: We can work it together!!

Parker from Deco Exchange and Christine from The Virtual Collab are going to show us how to take the content (videos/lives etc) from one social media platform and turn it into something that can be posted EVERYWHERE!

Create it ONCE, edit and post it in all the places! SMARTER not HARDER!

This is exactly what I need and we (Aaron and I) are very much looking forward to learning the next steps from Parker and Christine!

I’d love to see your business grow (LOL and I’d really like to have classmates that I know so we can try to help each other)… here’s my aff link to join:

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