The Pancake Wreath Frame

Ya’ll… I have to confess. I have been keeping a BIG secret from you. And after keeping my mouth shut for what seemed like an eternity, it is FINALLY time to share some of the most exciting, super cool news I’ve ever had! It’s not just going to change your wreath making; it’s going to change the wreath world!

First, a few hints… It’s something we’ve needed for so long. It’s something that solves a big pain point for wreath makers. And it’s something to do with the pancake wreath style! Ya’ll know how much I love this style, MY signature wreath style and my BIGGEST seller. If you’ve made a pancake style wreath before, you are going to LOVE this.

Introducing the PANCAKE WREATH FRAME! (Patent Pending)

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All About the Pancake Wreath Frame

This wreath frame is a form made specifically for the Mel’s Pancake Recipe. This style of wreath was created by me and gets its name from being as round and flat as a pancake. Its slimmer design helps it fit between two doors, like a front door and screen or storm door. The pancake wreath is a whole recipe – it isn’t just the ruffle. It’s very specific things that go into the creation of this style. It’s the amount of pipe cleaners, the twist ties, the actual measurements, etc. This wreath form is just an additional ingredient that makes the entire recipe just so much better!

Made from wood, the frame has the holes in the exact spots you need your pipe cleaners to go! No more guessing. AND there are notches directly across the holes to hold the pipe cleaners in place. The wreath form also comes with extra holes for sign and bow placement, too! They work as a guide for where your sign should go and allow it to sit more firmly on the wreath. We – Damon from DecoExchange and myself – invented the Pancake Wreath Frame with makers like you in mind!

Why Create the Frame

There were pain points with the frame I used to use to make these types of wreaths, which were the wire wreath frames. This new frame checks off my whole wish list for making a pancake style wreath and makes the process much simpler!

Easier Wreath Making Instruction

Not only will you, the wreath maker, know exactly where to put your pipe cleaners, but think about when you’re teaching others! How much easier will it be teaching a wreath making class to say, “Put the pipe cleaner through the hole and bring it to the other side of the notch” instead of having to mention brackets and spacing. I’m already so pumped to explain it this way in my video wreath tutorials and all of my recipes on this blog!

Pipe Cleaners Stay Put

Nestled in the hole first and secondly in the notch, these pipe cleaners are staying right where they belong! No longer will they slide up and down the thin wire of a wire frame. And since they are more secured to the frame, you won’t have to worry about anything breaking.

Easier to Add Florals, Signs, Ribbons

With the structure and sturdiness of this new frame, it is easier – and less stressful! – to add florals to the wreath. Now you can simply lay the stems over the ribbon and secure them with the same pipe cleaner used to secure the mesh and ribbon.

Better Protection

Wire frames are made with, well, wire – which poses a scratching risk to wood and glass doors. The wood frame is flat, softer than metal wire and has less ridges that may poke or scratch.

Where to Buy the Pancake Wreath Frame

You can also find the pancake wreath frame on DecoExchange! The DecoExchange brand is cutting and shipping these frames. You can also check out or search “pancake wreath” or even just “pancake” on DecoExchange’s site. Also, can I just say how amazing it is to think that you can search the DecoExchange site for something I helped invent?!

Pancake Wreath Frame FAQs

This is a brand spankin’ new product – it’s so new that it’s currently patent pending! Obviously, you have questions and I have allll the answers for you!

How big is a pancake wreath frame?

The frame comes in two sizes: 10 inches and 14 inches. Each frame is ¼” thick. Right now, they are sold as a bundle at

What size frame do I need to make my pancake wreath?

The size frame you’ll use will depend on what you want to create and whether you want to be a little more budget friendly. With just one roll of mesh, you can make a wreath with both the 14-inch and 10-inch frame. For me, I plan to use six pieces of mesh on the 10-inch wreath frame and 12 pieces of mesh on the 14-inch frame. Now, you can use more on the 10-inch frame. There are 12 holes with notches on the 10-inch as well. I am going with a more budget conscious approach (for me and my customers) and use six hole/pieces of mesh, so I only have to use one roll for both frames.

What size of round signs should I use for each frame size?

On the 14-inch wreath frame, I would use a 12-inch round sign or a 6×12 rectangle sign and for the 10-inch wreath frame, I would use a 10-inch round sign – since I am only using six pieces of mesh.

How much does a pancake wreath frame cost?

Right now, you can get a bundle of two frames, one 10-inch and one 14-inch for $7.50.

What type of wreath frame is this?

You may be familiar with the other types of wreath frames, including grapevine, wire, boxwood, foam, hoop, and straw. This new wreath form doesn’t fall into any of those categories. This is an entirely new wreath frame – it’s in its own category! This is a wood, pancake wreath frame and its specifically for making a wreath using the pancake method.

Can I use this frame for other wreath styles?

Of course you can! I used the wire wreath for so many different kinds of wreath designs and I plan to use this wreath form for those other wreath styles as well.

Can I use this frame for other home décor projects?

I’ve had some designers ask me if they could use this wreath form for other things, like a centerpiece or candle ring and the answer is sure! (Though I do LOVE the candle ring from Hot Mesh Mom and will continue to use that beautiful design for my candle rings). While this wreath is designed specifically for the pancake recipe, you can use it however you like! I’ll likely use it for wreaths specifically, but I would love to see what you come up with!

How to Make a Wreath Using the Pancake Wreath Frame

I’m so excited to show ya’ll the frame in action and help you discover just how much this is going to impact your wreath making is such a HUGE way! Let’s get to it!

Watch the first official video tutorial for making a pancake wreath with this new frame below and keep your eye out for a new blog post tutorial, walking you through the entire process you’ll see here:

We’ll have a TON of pancake wreath tutorials here and on my Youtube page, but to get you started, we’ll give you the basics! Below are the simple step-by-step instructions for using the frame for any kind of pancake wreath you wish to make!

Step 1: Add your pipe cleaners

Put a pipe cleaner through each larger, center hole and bring it to the other side of the notch, then twist the pipe cleaner.

Do not put pipe cleaners through the smaller holes near the inner center of the frame. Those smaller holes are for signs and bows.

Step 2: Cut the mesh

Cut 20-inch pieces of mesh. If you’re making a 10-inch and 14-inch wreath frame (and using only six pieces of mesh on the smaller frame), you’ll only need ONE roll of mesh for both wreaths!

Step 3: Make and attach your mesh ruffle

Lay each mesh piece out and scrunch the mesh starting at the bottom, pulling it toward you. Pinching the center (the cluster will look like a butterfly), lay the ruffle between each pipe cleaner. You’ll want to start on the outside notches first, just like a normal pancake style, and complete steps 4-6 before starting the inner notches.

Step 4: Cut and fold your ribbon

Using two, 2.5-inch ribbon designs, cut 12, 14-inch ribbon tails – making 24 tails total. Once the ribbon is cut, take one of each ribbon design and layer it on top of the other. Fold each ribbon pair in half.

Step 5: Add ribbon to your frame

Starting with the outer ruffles, lay each ribbon tail in a pipe cleaner, over the mesh ruffle, and twist the pipe cleaner. The ribbon should be in a “v” shape with the ends facing out. Pull the ribbons apart and to the sides, so both ribbon designs show.

Step 6: Add florals

If you want to add additional features, like florals, simply lay the stems into the pipe cleaners (florals facing out), over the ribbon and twist the pipe cleaner. Once you’re finished adding the ribbon and (optional) florals, cut the excess pipe cleaner.

Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6

Now moving onto the inner notches, repeat steps 3-6, which include making and attaching your mesh ruffle, adding your ribbon and florals.

Step 8: Attach the sign

Whether using wire or pipe cleaners (with zip tie mounts), attach your sign to the wreath frame by pushing the wire or pipe cleaner through the mesh, then small holes of the wreath frame OR wrapping the wire or pipe cleaner around the full base of the wreath.

Step 9: Create and attach a bow

Pinch, twist and loop your ribbons to make your bow and twist a piper cleaner around the center. Then attach your bow by sticking the pipe cleaner arms through the mesh and twist them around the frame. Fluff your bow by pulling on the loops and spreading them side to side.

Never Miss another Exciting Announcement Like This

We first made this exciting announcement LIVE on the DecoExchange Facebook page on Saturday. It was such a surreal and amazing experience! And so, the first people to receive the great news was anyone who happened to be on Facebook at the time AND my amazing text group that got the heads up of when I was going live! If you want to make sure you’re one of the first people who know what’s going on – and get a heads up on lives and products – join my text group! Simply text 810-498-2310 to join!

All the Thank Yous!

This is such a dream come true! I could not have done this without Damon and Parker! They truly made this product come to life! Everyone worked so hard to get us where we are.

Thank YOU all for the support and encouragement. You’ve all been amazing with your responses already and we can feel the excitement! Because of all of you, we were able to create this and have already surpassed the amount we thought we’d be selling already! I can’t wait for you all to try these and I can’t wait to see what you create with them!

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