pancake wreath with blue polka dot ribbon and lemon ribbon with welcome sign and bow

What is a Pancake Wreath?

Wreaths have come a long way from twigs, pine, leaves, pinecones, and berries. From grapevine and moss to the ever-popular deco mesh, there are tons of ways to create a beautiful wreath for any occasion. And now there’s a new method that’s changing the door décor game and picking up popularity quick since its first creation just a couple short years ago. It’s called the pancake wreath, and it’s a super sleek and adorable type of wreath that uses deco mesh and tons of other wreath features. Learn more about this wreath, the method used to make it, and why it’s an excellent option for wreath makers and home décor enthusiasts.

What is a Pancake Wreath?

A pancake wreath is a thin wreath made from deco mesh that is as “round and flat as a pancake.” Its thin size allows it to fit between two doors – typically your front door and storm door or screen door – without getting smashed. This protects the wreath from harsh weather, helping prolong the life and quality of the wreath.

Deco Mesh Wreath Vs. Pancake Wreath

Before we get into the differences between a pancake wreath and a regular deco mesh wreath, let’s talk about their similarities. Both wreaths are made with deco mesh, and both can be designed with ribbons, a sign, and bows – all supported by the mesh.

So, what’s the difference between a deco mesh wreath and a pancake wreath? To put it simply, size! As you’ll see in the image below – especially the side view – these wreaths are made flat like a pancake to fit nicely between doors and are typically 4–9 inches thinner than a deco mesh wreath. Because they fit between two doors, they’re often better protected from the elements and won’t get smashed or flattened like thicker deco mesh wreaths may.

Pancake wreaths also require fewer materials than deco mesh wreaths and, if you sell your wreaths, are usually priced a little lower because of this.

How to Make Your Own Pancake Wreath

If you want to learn the pancake method to create a wreath, you’ve come to the right place! There are a ton of designs to make with this method, and you’ll find a ton of wreath tutorials on this blog and the Sincerely Creative Mom YouTube channel. Below, you’ll find basic instructions and some of the most common supplies needed to make a wreath using the pancake method. Not all designs will require everything listed below. For instance, you could make a wreath with a bow in place of a sign or make one with both features.

Pancake Wreath Supplies

You’ll use most of the same kinds of supplies when using the pancake method to create a wreath as you would a traditional deco mesh wreath – just less of some of those materials.

You can also use a wreath frame specifically designed for a pancake wreath — and designed, in part, by ME! Damon from DecoExchange and I co-invented the frame and it’s changing the wreath making game!

Melissa and Damon each holding pancake wreath frame.

If you’re wondering where to get quality ribbons, mesh, signs, and general supplies, I have a few favorite wreath making suppliers that sell everything from ribbons, mesh, florals, sprays, signs, and tools.

Pancake Wreath Frame

The Pancake Wreath Frame (patent pending) was made specifically for the Mel’s Pancake Recipe. This frame makes wreath making a breeze by helping pipe cleaners stay put, taking the guess work out of placement, and creating a sturdy surface that makes it easier to add florals, signs and ribbon. The frame comes in two sizes – 10 and 14 inches. You can buy the pancake wreath frame bundle on DecoExchange.

10- and 14-inch pancake wreath frames laying on table with Sincerely Creative Mom sticker.

If you don’t have the pancake wreath frame, you can use a wire wreath frame for this wreath design, typically a 14-inch one. The great thing about these wreath frames is you can typically find them at the dollar store. That’s right! You can make a wreath out of Dollar Tree supplies!   

Deco Mesh

A pancake wreath is made out of deco mesh of any kind. That includes jute mesh, border mesh, and fabric mesh. It’s all under the same basic umbrella “mesh.” What’s really great about these wreaths is that they require less than one full roll of deco mesh to make.


Ribbons add so much life to wreaths! And there are SO many different colors and patterns to choose from and combine – the possibilities are endless! Depending on your wreath, you may want to use ribbons measuring 1.5 – 2.5 inches in width (most common). You’ll want to use wired ribbon to help make the bow’s shape and keep it big and fluffy.

Wreath Sign

Decorative signs are the perfect addition to your wreath, can be a great focal point, and wrap up your theme seamlessly. Typically made from wood or metal, wreath signs can come in adorable shapes or with fun phrases that fit several different kinds of holidays or themes. Oftentimes, they’ll need you to add a hole or two, attach zip tie mounts, or staple pipe cleaners to the back to be able to attach the sign to the wreath.

Pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners, also called chenille stems (I call them twist ties), are used to secure the different materials (mesh, ribbon, sign, etc.) to the wreath frame.

Instructions for Using the Pancake Method

The following step-by-step directions are for how to make a wreath with the 14-inch pancake wreath frame, deco mesh and ribbon using the pancake method. They also include a wreath sign and bow. For how-to’s on various other designs, check out the blog and YouTube wreath tutorials I’ve posted.

Save this post to Pinterest if you’re going to make your wreath later.

This basic design calls for the pancake wreath frame (best choice!) or wire frame, about 13 pipe cleaners, 5 rolls of ribbon – each with a different design (three 2.5-inch rolls and two 1.5-inch rolls), and a wreath sign.

Here’s how to combine these materials to create something great!

Step 1: Prepare your materials

Cut 12 pieces of mesh 20-inches long. If you’re using the 10-inch frame, you’ll need 6 pieces of mesh. Take two of your 2.5-inch rolls of ribbon and cut 12 ribbons of each design (24 total) at 14 inches long. Layer the two ribbon pieces – one of each design – making 12 dual ribbon pieces.  

Step 2: Attach pipe cleaners to your frame

At each of the frame’s designated holes, put one pipe cleaner through and twist it between the hole and notch. You’ll have six pipe cleaners around the inner wreath and six around the outer – twelve total.

Avoid the smaller holes near the inside center of the frame. You’ll use those for your bow or decorative sign.

Step 3: Make your deco mesh ruffle

Lay each mesh piece in front of you and scrunch it while you gather the material toward you. Once it’s all scrunched, pinch the middle to make the mesh ruffle look like a butterfly. 

Step 4: Attach your ruffle to the frame

In one of the outer frame pipe cleaners, lay the center of the ruffle between the arms of the pipe cleaner, then twist to secure it to the frame.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the six outer spots.

Step 5: Add ribbon to the outer frame ruffles

Take your layered ribbon pieces and fold them in a wide v shape with tails facing out. Lay the center of the v between the pipe cleaner arms and on top of the ruffle. Twist to secure. Cut off the excess pipe cleaner. Separate the tails of each ribbon, so you can see both designs.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 – 6 for the inner frame

Make 6 more ruffles and attach each to the pipe cleaners on the inner frame, then attach and spread your ribbon in the same way. This will go over the top of the outer frame’s ruffles.

Step 7: Make your bow

You’ll need three rolls of ribbon to create your bow. That’s one 2.5-inch ribbon and two 1.5-inch ribbons.

With the first roll of ribbon, start with an 8-inch tail, then pinch, twist, and loop a 6-inch loop. Make two more 6-inch loops (three loops total) and a second 8-inch tail. Hold on to that (or put it in your EZ Bow Maker).

Take your second roll of ribbon (1.5-inch) and measure another 8-inch tail and make three more 6-inch loops and another 8-inch tail.

Take your third roll of ribbon (1.5-inch), make an 8-inch tail and a center loop of about 3-4 inches, then make three more loops.

Stack your three ribbons on top of one another, then twist a pipe cleaner around the center. Keep the arms of the pipe cleaner on to attach it to your wreath.

Step 8: Attach your sign

If your sign comes with a wire attached, poke it through the mesh and through the small holes on the frame, specifically meant for attaching signs and bows. If your sign doesn’t come with wire already attached, you can attach pipe cleaners to the back and poke them through the mesh and the holes of the wreath frame.

Step 9: Attach your bow

Stick the arms of the pipe cleaner through the mesh and small holes provided on the frame, then twist to secure the bow to the wreath. Fluff your bow by pulling on the loops and spreading them to the sides, so each layer is seen.

Remember, you do not have to use the provided holes to attach the bow or sign to the frame. You can also wrap the arms of the pipe cleaner or wire around the frame if that’s what you prefer!

10-Inch Pancake Wreaths

In the picture above, you’ll see the size difference between the 14-inch frame (me) and the 10-inch frame (Damon). The 10-inch pancake wreath frame will require the same instructions as those above – you’ll just use less materials, since it’s a smaller wreath! You’ll use:

6 pieces of 20-inch mesh

10-inch metal sign

9 pipe cleaners

4 rolls of ribbon (one 4-inch roll, two 2.5-inch rolls, and one 1.5-inch roll)

Follow the instructions above or check out my YouTube tutorial on making a 10-inch Pancake Wreath.

Types of Pancake Wreaths

There are many different types of wreaths you can make with the pancake method – and the pancake wreath frame. It isn’t just the different sizes, either! All will include deco mesh and ribbon, while most will include an adorable sign and/or stunning bow! You can make them for any occasion, from holidays and seasons to everything in between. That includes welcoming guests, showing your patriotism, and supporting important causes. Here are a few of my favorite themes.

Holiday Wreaths

I swear ya’ll there are signs and ribbons to celebrate so many holidays! While wreaths are typically associated with Christmas to non-home décor and wreath enthusiasts, they can be for any holiday! I especially love them for cold-season holidays since –as I’ve said a million times already – they fit between two doors.

Valentine’s pancake wreaths and Easter pancake wreaths have the best signs, in my opinion, because those holidays have such specific shaped symbols – hearts, eggs, bunnies – that signs can come in! And for St. Patrick’s Day, greens and golds go well with leprechaun prints, four-leaf clovers, and an addition of greenery. And, of course, Christmas pancake wreaths can be dressed in so much – from plaids and jute mesh to nutcracker ribbons and signs.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Pancake Wreaths

While these wreaths are perfect for any holiday or season, they can be useful in the winter and fall – especially when you live in places that experience cold and harsh weather that time of year because they’re better protected from wind, rain, ice, and snow. And, of course, summer and spring can be celebrated with these types of door decorations as well!

Spring and summer call for beautiful, fresh, and bright colors, along with such patterns as butterflies, flowers, and even bees! Meanwhile, winter – the most glamorous season of all – is celebrated with shimmering glitter, blues and silvers, and snowflakes. Decorations for a stylish fall include browns, oranges, plaids, pumpkins, and, dare I say, leopard print! And, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, even some pink ribbon designs.

Patriotic Wreaths

Some folks show their patriotism by hanging an American flag outside their home. You could show your love for America the beautiful with a patriotic pancake wreath. It doesn’t have to just be Memorial Day or Fourth of July to show off your red, white and blue stars and stripes designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a creative coach, I get a TON of wreath questions. Here are my answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about pancake wreaths, specifically.

Who Created the Pancake Wreath Method?

This one’s an easy one! The pancake wreath was created by Sincerely Creative Mom, aka Coach Mel, aka yours truly!

The pancake wreath was created when I was preparing for a wreath making class and trying to figure out how to give my students the best, most affordable option while also making sure I wasn’t spending a ton on supplies. Along with that, I was teaching the class in Michigan, where many of us have two doors – a front door and a screen or storm door. I wanted to give my students the most bang for their buck AND create a wreath that could easily fit between two doors, and BAM! the pancake wreath method was born.

Not only was it a hit in the class, but it has also become one of my top sellers at the local boutique where I sell my wreaths!

Why use the pancake method?

Along with having a thinner wreath that may be a best-seller, this method is also great for stretching your supplies! While the tutorial above gives directions on making one wreath, you can make multiple pancake wreaths from only a handful of supplies. In fact, I have a video tutorial for how to stretch your supplies for pancake wreaths. In it, I show you how to make THREE Easter wreaths out of just two rolls of mesh.

Why use the pancake wreath frame?

While you can make a pancake wreath with a wire wreath frame from the dollar store, the pancake wreath frame has several benefits the wire frames don’t. And I’m not just saying because I created the product! Because the places to attach your pipe cleaners are already marked on the frame, you don’t have to figure out where to put them. And because they’re holes in the frame with notches across, the pipe cleaners stay put. They don’t slide along the wire. The frame is also much sturdier, which makes it easier to add florals, signs and bows. This sturdiness comes in handy, too, when the wreath rests on the door as it helps it hold up in bad weather. And speaking of protection, the wood frame is flat and doesn’t have wire, which keeps your steel, glass or wood door protect from scratching.

How long do I cut mesh for a pancake wreath?

Cut each mesh piece 20 inches long for this design. It should be 10 inches wide.

How many rolls of deco mesh do I need for a pancake wreath?

If you’re wondering how to make a wreath with one roll of mesh, this method is for you. Pancake wreaths typically require only 2/3 of one roll of deco mesh.

How do I price a pancake wreath?

If you plan on selling your wreath, plan on selling it for slightly less than what you would for a normal deco mesh wreath. That’s because you’re using fewer supplies to make a pancake wreath. As a general rule of thumb, the pricing should be about three times the cost of supplies to make it. On average, these sell for about $79. However, that will depend on the quality, type, and amount of supplies you use and the amount of work you put into your wreath. Make sure you do your research on what the market value is.

I also go into depth about pricing wreaths and other home décor items in my class, Mel’s Pricing Method. The class covers the pricing formula I use and the why behind it, along with Q&As, worksheets, tutorials, and other bonuses.

How thick is a pancake wreath?

A traditional pancake wreath is around 3 inches thick and 23 inches wide – as opposed to a traditional deco mesh wreath, which is around 7-12 inches thick.

Wreath Maker Resources

Do you have more questions about pancake wreaths? Are you looking for more wreath tutorials? Are you building your wreath making business and want to know how to price a wreath or pitch to a local boutique? I have tons of different resources for you!

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