Halloween Rainbow painting

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Okay so… here we are trying to recreate an idea we had in the summer but never completed!

We have a rock bed in the front of our house with light gray and “white” rocks. Honestly it needs to be tended too but for now… we are using the rocks for a fun project… PLUS… they are FREE!

Aaron (my husband) has been decorating for Halloween like a crazy person and the kids wanted to help… so we did!

Haha I didn’t even wash the rocks but maybe I should have.. with two kids ready for a project there wasn’t time to wash and DRY so we just went for it!

We started by picking out a decent size rock that was smooth (easier to paint). Addison and Grayson picked out all the rocks… lol slowly but surely they did it!

Gray was distracted trying to find new homes for all the rolly bugs. lol
As they gathered rocks, I started forming our rainbow!
Rock digging is hard work…. we took LOTS of water breaks!

This project filled up our morning! It put the kids in the sunshine, got their fingers dirty, taught them to work together as a team and they were able to contribute to the outside Halloween decorations!

Before we knew it… we had a rainbow that was ready to paint!

About this time Grayson had already asked at least two dozen times if it was ready to paint!

I just tipped over a large box and used it as a table… it was better than taking the project in the house and creating a “table” kept their clothes/shoes paint free (sitting criss cross could have proved to be a bad choice).

They were more than ready to get started!


I’m an amazon shopper so naturally that’s where the paint was purchased, here’s the link: https://amzn.to/3iM6XUs . I’m positive you can pick it up almost anywhere these days!

Paints are ALWAYS good to have on hand. I’ve squeezed these bottles so many times!! Little projects don’t take much paint!

We keep egg cartons… lol by the masses! suuuper quick clean up and they keep everything contained yet separated!! Really nice to have on hand… and FREEEEEE (well, kinda lol).

The Q-tips were from the Dollar Tree… again, nice to have on hand and for only $1!

The foam brushes are another must have! Super quick and easy to clean – lol that’s my requirement! They can be found just about anywhere but I always forget when I’m out shopping… so I just ordered a bunch and always have them on hand. Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/3AujP83 .

*If you don’t already have these things, they are great for stocking stuffers! Our Elf on the Shelf was super nice and brought us craft kits last year as well!!!

We used the 1 inch brushes! Perfect for almost every painting craft project!

They dress themselves on the weekend… This paint isn’t necessarily “washable” but it did come off our hands quickly and easily! Either way, I didn’t have to worry about them getting paint on their clothing since we were wearing play clothes. LOL I just had to remind them to keep their hands off the vehicles which were just a few feet from our painting station! lol

Painting hands and happy kids… that’s all that matters!
We tried to make sure the bottom of the rocks didn’t have a ton of paint so that they wouldn’t stick to the box. (I had to keep moving them around to make sure that didn’t happen since the kids kept slathering the paint on all sides lol)

This paint came with an emerald green… so I added two small squeezes of white and two small squeezes of yellow to the green… it made the PERFECT Halloween green!!

We left the rocks in the sun to dry and clean up was a breeze!

Once they were dry, we cleared a spot in the dirt near our front walkway…. you could add them anywhere, even back in the rock bed if you wanted. Either way, I wanted to be able to take them up after Halloween to store away for next year.

The arch wasn’t very good but this is what we started with.

The kids brought each color to me, we made piles and “planted” the rocks together!

Addison and Grayson were proud of their completed project! We are super happy with our newest Halloween decorations!

Crafting with kids (at least our kids) is always FUN! They LOVE craft time no matter what it looks like. lol I make things up all the time! If it doesn’t turn out like the design in your mind… that’s okay too… they’ll never know!

The crafts do not have to be expensive! We took free rocks, a tiny bit of paint and half the morning to make this project. All in all it was maybe $1.00 worth of paint… maybe…

Making memories though… PRICELESS!! My favorite memories from when I was younger was spending time with my grandparents doing fun things like this… so I intend to keep up these traditions and being intentional about making memories!

We ALL love our MASTERPIECE!!!

Thanks for following our family!

Sincerely, The Morrows

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