How to Make a Valentine’s Day Pancake Wreath

With the new year in full swing, it’s time to focus on this year’s holidays! And we’re starting with the one that celebrates friendship, adoration, love and romance – in the best way. Valentine’s Day is full of hearts and flowers, candy and cards. And it’s a great holiday to make an adorable and fun wreath!

Whether you’re showing your love for another or love for yourself, this wreath will give anyone heart eyes. It’s definitely one you’ll LOVE! Read on to learn how to make a Valentine’s Day pancake wreath with the pancake wreath frame (patent pending).

If you’re waiting to get your supplies, pin this Valentine wreath tutorial on Pinterest.

Red, pink, black and white Valentine's Day wreath with sign and bow

Why Make a Pancake Wreath for Valentine’s Day?

Since Valentine’s Day is in February – one of the coldest months of the year – the pancake wreath is the perfect style for the romantic holiday. This is especially true if you live in an area with freezing winters, like I do. Why? Because the pancake wreath is so thin, it fits between two doors, like your front door and storm door.

Side view of Valentine's day wreath to show how thin it is

Does that mean you can only use it if you have two doors? Of course not! These wreaths look adorable on any door or wall or any other surface!

If you think wreaths are just for Christmas, think again! In fact, in 2022, I sold just as many Valentine’s day wreaths as I did Christmas wreaths at the boutique I am a vendor in. So, if you sell your creations, consider adding Valentine’s Day to your list of holidays to sell.

Valentine’s Day Pancake Wreath Supplies

The supplies I used for this tutorial came from a wreath kit, which came with the pancake wreath bundle (a 14-inch frame, 10-inch frame and sign extender). To get first dibs on monthly wreath supply boxes (like the one used in this tutorial), join my email newsletter at

Please keep in mind that this materials list does contain affiliate links for companies I love. If you make a purchase through these links, I may get a small commission.

If you’re buying supplies separately, here’s what you need:

  • 14-inch pancake wreath frame from
  • 10-inch wide, border stripe deco mesh
  • Three 2.5-inch ribbons of different designs (for bow and tails)
  • Two 1.5-inch ribbons of different designs (for bow)
  • Valentine’s Day sign
  • Pipe cleaners (also known as chenille stems)
  • Staple gun or zip tie mounts
  • EZ Bow Maker from DecoExchange

The ribbon listed above is for both your bow and tails. For the bow, you will need one 2.5-inch ribbon and two 1.5-inch ribbons. For your tails, you will need two 2.5-inch ribbons.

Making a Valentine’s Day Wreath with the Pancake Wreath Frame

Whether you’re using the wreath supply box or your own supplies, the directions for this pancake wreath will be the same.

Far away view of Valentine's Day wreath with deco mesh, ribbon tails, sign and bow

Step 1: Prepare your wreath supplies

Deco Mesh:

  • Cut mesh into twelve, 20-inch strips

Ribbon tails on wreath:

  • Choose two, 2.5-inch ribbon designs and cut 12 ribbons each at 14-inches long
  • Dovetail the ends
  • Pair one of each ribbon design with the other, stacking your favorite design on top and folding over. You’ll have 12 stacks of two ribbons.

Wreath sign:

  • Use a staple gun or zip tie mounts to attach pipe cleaners to the back of your sign at the two edges of your sign,.
  • If you’re using mounts, I recommend dabbing a bit of glue on the sticky part and clamping the mounts to the sign for some time to ensure they stick and stay.
  • If you’re using a staple gun to attach your pipe cleaners and the sign isn’t as thick as your staples, use cardboard pieces on the back to make it thicker.

Step 2: Attach pipe cleaners to pancake wreath frame

Attach pipe cleaners to the inner and outer edges of the patent-pending pancake wreath frame, using the preplaced notches and holes as guides. No measuring or guessing needed!

Stick the pipe cleaner through the hole, wrap it around the corresponding notch and twist close to the edge of the notch. The arms of the pipe cleaner should point up.

Step 3: Scrunch your mesh into ruffles and attach to outer pipe cleaners

Lay your mesh piece flat, then scrunch up the middle, pulling toward you. Pinch the center – the ruffle will look kind of like a butterfly.

Starting with the pipe cleaners along the outside of the frame, lay your ruffle in the middle of the pipe cleaner, then criss cross the arms of the pipe cleaner over the center and twist twice to secure.

To keep the cluster flat, overlap the ends of the cluster, then flip the edges down and underneath the inner pipe cleaners.

Close up of pink plaid and red and white heart ribbon tails

Step 4: Add ribbon tails to outer piper cleaners

Scrunch up the center of your ribbon stack, pinching the center and placing it over the ruffle and twisting the arms of the same pipe cleaners about seven times over the center to secure. Do this for all outer pipe cleaners with the ends of the ribbon all pointing out. Then, cut off the excess pipe cleaner arms.

Shape your ribbons so you can see both ribbon designs and tails. Pull the ribbon up and apart, then side to side, making sure you follow the pattern of one design, then the next. For example, if you had a plaid ribbon and a heart ribbon, the pattern would go: one plaid tail, one heart tail, one plaid, one heart.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the inner pipe cleaners

Scrunch your ruffles and add them to the inner pipe cleaners, attaching them the same way. The inner layer will be set on top of the outer layer of ruffles and ribbon tails.

Close up of bow made with pink leopard print, black and white polka dot, red heart and bright pink ribbons

Step 6: Make your bow

Start with your final 2.5-inch ribbon and dovetail the end. Then, make a 7-7.5-inch tail and a 6-inch loop. Pinch, twist and loop to make two more loops – three in total.

Grab your 1.5-inch ribbon and do the same, making the loops about one finger width smaller. Stack this ribbon on top of the 2.5-inch one, making sure your switching the number of loops on each side, per layer. If the first ribbon has two loops on one side, the next ribbon layer would have one on that side.

Take your final 1.5-inch ribbon and make one extra loop – the center loop of the bow. This loop will be about 3 inches. Pinch, twist and loop three more loops that are about one finger width smaller than the loops of the second ribbon layer. Stack that ribbon on top of the others, then pinch the center of the stack. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center and twist it to squish the ribbons together.

Separate the ribbons. Pull the center loop over to cover the pipe cleaner. The first layer will be the longest part of the bow, so you want to make sure the first layer tail comes down and out from the center. Separate your loops so you can see the other layers in a pattern.

Close up of wreath sign that looks like a home with "Love Shack" written on it

Step 7: Attach your sign and bow

Stick the pipe cleaners that are on the back of the sign through the mesh, flip the wreath over and wrap the arms around the wreath frame. Twist to secure, then hide the excess pipe cleaners under the mesh.

Just as you did the sign, attach the bow by sticking the pipe cleaners through the mesh and wrapping the arms around the frame. Twist to secure.

Need a visual, too? Scroll down to get the Valentine’s Day Wreath recipe and video tutorial (also available on the Sincerely Creative Mom YouTube channel).

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Valentine’s Day Wreath Recipe

Learn how to make a slim pancake wreath for Valentine's Day.
Total Time1 hour
Keyword: DIY wreath, Pancake wreath, Valentine’s Day, wreath frame
Yield: 1 wreath


  • Staple Gun or Zip Tie Mounts
  • EZ bow maker optional


  • 14-inch Wreath frame
  • 10-inch Wide border stripe deco mesh
  • Three 2.5-inch Ribbons
  • Two 1.5-inch Ribbons
  • One Valentine's Day Wreath frame
  • Pipe cleaners


  • Prepare your materials by cutting the mesh into twelve, 20-inch strips. Cut two 2.5-inch ribbon designs into twelve 14-inch long tails. Attach pipe cleaners to sign with staple gun or zip tie mounts.
  • Attach pipe cleaners to inner and outer edges of frame by sticking pipe cleaner through hole and wrapping it around the corresponding notch.
  • Scrunch the mesh piece up the middle, pinch the center and lay in the center of the pipe cleaner arms. Twist twice to secure. Do this with the pipe cleaners around the outer part of the frame only.
  • Scrunch up each ribbon duo stack in the middle and lay one stack atop each ruffle, twist the pipe cleaner to secure.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 to the pipe cleaners on the inner part of the wreath. This inner layer should rest over the outer layer.
  • Make your bow by using your final 2.5-inch ribbon and your two, 1.5-inch ribbons. Starting with your 2.5-inch ribbon, make a 6-inch tail and three 6-inch loops. Make the next two layers the same way, with the loops being one finger width smaller. The third and final layer will have one extra loop as the center.
  • Attach your bow and sign by sticking the arms of the pipe cleaners through the mesh and wrapping them around the frame and twisting.


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