Fall wreath with Cow sign

DIY Cow Wreath for Fall

Welcome to our DIY corner! This Fall Cow Pancake Wreath is a fun and festive project.

This adorable wreath features a charming cow with a denim hat, vibrant oranges, yellows, and pumpkins, all perfect for autumn décor.

Using a 10-inch pancake wreath frame, we’ll guide you through adding mesh, ribbons, and fall embellishments. Whether you’re new to wreath-making or a seasoned crafter, this step-by-step tutorial will help you create a stunning fall wreath for your home.

Let’s get started and bring a touch of fall magic to your space!

Materials Needed:

Instruction Summary:

  1. Prepare the mesh
  2. Attach mesh
  3. Add ribbons
  4. Prepare embellishments
  5. Create bundles
  6. Attach bundles
  7. Add sign
  8. Finishing touches
Fall wreath with Cow sign


Q: How long should the mesh pieces be?

A: Each mesh piece should be 23 inches long.

Q: Can I use different colors for the mesh?

A: Yes, choose colors that complement your fall theme.

Q: How do I secure the embellishments?

A: Use zip ties and pipe cleaners to attach them securely to the wreath frame.

Q: What if I don’t have a specific sign?

A: You can customize your wreath with any fall-themed sign or decoration.


  • Fluff the Mesh: Make sure the mesh is fluffed to create a fuller wreath.
  • Layering: When layering ribbons and embellishments, ensure they are spread out evenly for a balanced look.
  • Use Quality Materials: High-quality mesh and ribbons will result in a more professional-looking wreath.
  • Experiment: Feel free to experiment with different embellishments and ribbon combinations to make your wreath unique.

Fall Cow Wreath

This is an ultra-thin wreath design perfect for your fall home decor.


  • staple gun
  • cordless mini glue gun
  • stem cutter
  • glue pot optional
  • Zip tie gun-too


  • 1 10 inch Pancake Wreath Frame:
  • 1 10 inch deco mesh
  • 1 4 inch ribbon:
  • 1 1.5 inch ribbon
  • 1 10 inch square metal sign
  • 2 long stem pumpkin picks
  • 2 long stem Blue picks
  • 2 Fall Orange greenery picks
  • 1 1.5 inch orange ribbon


  • Prepare the Mesh: Cut six pieces of mesh, each 23 inches long.
  • Attach Mesh: Use twist ties to attach the mesh to the inside notches of the wreath frame.
  • Add Ribbons: Cut ribbons to 16 inches, ruffle them, and attach them on top of the mesh.
  • Prepare Embellishments: Separate and fluff the pumpkins and greenery.
  • Create Bundles: Layer and zip tie the greenery and pumpkin bundles.
  • Attach Bundles: Use pipe cleaners to secure the bundles to the frame.
  • Add Sign: Use wire to attach the fall cow sign to the wreath.
  • Finishing Touches: Adjust and secure all elements for a full and balanced look.

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