Meet Melissa – The Sincerely Creative Mom

I often take some time to look back at the last 8 years and… WOWZA… have they been a whirlwind! I mean it, ya’ll. I could never have imagined that I would be where I am today! From becoming a MOM to meeting thousands of new friends to growing a successful business – I am overwhelmed with joy just thinking of all the changes myself and my family have experienced in just under 10 years! Whether you’re new to Sincerely Creative Mom or a longtime follower – you’ve come to the right place for inspiration and help growing your creative passion and your business.

Coach Melissa wearing black dress smiling with Christmas decor behind her.

On the surface, you might see a maker, creative coach, mom, friend, influencer, inventor, entrepreneur, or a self-proclaimed “scatter brain.” But it’s important to know how I got here! Because to know me and my story is to know that you, too, can become a successful creative – whether that’s owning your own business, hosting classes, decorating other peoples homes for the holiday, making your home beautiful or brightening the lives of others with your creations!

A Little Background

Creativity is in my blood. I’ve been crafting my whole life – spending a lot my childhood around the craft table with my grandma creating various designs. While my creative side was apparent from a young age, my entrepreneur side blossomed years later when, at the age of 21, I signed my first franchise – a ladies’ fitness center. That one fitness center grew to THREE – all owned by my grandmother and I.

Two throw back photos of Melissa with her grandma - one holding an award and the other at her wedding.

From there, I took a new career journey as an Accounts Receivable Supervisor, a position that allowed me to work with others and teach people in a new way. Throughout it all, crafting was always there. I went from some serious scrapbooking and party décor to wedding invitations, centerpieces and, of course, wreaths!

The Start of Sincerely Creative

In 2015, I started dabbling in building a business to sell my wreaths. I started a business Facebook page for Sincerely Creative and started selling my wreaths to friends, family, and friends of friends and family. I set up at many local craft fairs and, with the encouragement of my business coach, started an Etsy shop. It was A LOT of work (spoiler alert, it still is!) but it was needed to make things happen. And then, things REALLY started happening.

Throw back photo of Melissa standing at craft table with business sign in the front surrounded by wreaths.

In 2017, I learned that the company I worked for was bought out and my supervising position was being eliminated. I could either start the hunt for a new job or take a HUGE risk and really lean into my budding business. And with the encouragement of my loved ones and my incredible husband, Aaron, I immersed myself in the world of wreaths, marketing, business ownership and all things Sincerely Creative. And the universe provided! How exactly? Around that same time, I would meet someone who would change my life forever! In September the same year, I found who would later become a great friend… Damon from DecoExchange and his Creative and Business coaching groups.

Two pictures of Melissa with Damon, holding Pancake Wreath Frame and smiling.

With this new community, coaching group and Damon’s mentorship, my business grew. I was able to stay home and focus on my business and take on another adventure – my BIGGEST dream – becoming a mom!  

Family photo of Melissa, her son, daughter and husband.

Sincerely Creative MOM is Born

I have two forever dreams – being a mom (#1) and owning a creative business. By accomplishing goal #2, owning my growing business allowed me to have the freedom to pursue parenting. Aaron and I started as foster parents and, in 2019, we adopted our amazing kiddos, Addison and Grayson.

Son and daughter holding hands, running barefoot on the beach with sunset.

Becoming a mom was originally my number one WHY. Now, our beautiful kids are our entire world and everything we do is for them. They became the WHY behind reaching my goals. I was so emotionally attached to my new role – my DREAM role – that I just had to add the word “MOM” to my business name.

And as for the business? It didn’t just get a new name; it expanded in big ways! I became a boutique vendor and expanded my products on the Sincerely Creative Mom Etsy shop to include wreaths, banners, t-shirts, wreath kits, candle rings and eBooks. I’ve hosted classes, and creative events and even CO-INVENTED MY OWN PRODUCT!

Oh – and that Facebook page I started in 2015? That little business page went from 300 followers in 2017 to well over 300,000 (and growing) today! All this is to show that you can do this too! With a ton of hard work, an amazing support system and a WHY that keeps pushing you to live the life you always imagined – you can do what I’ve done!

Growing My Wreath Making, Coaching, and Product Business

Your creative business doesn’t have to be just one product – it can be whatever you want it to be! As you can see from how my business has grown from selling wreaths to family and friends to so much more – the creative world is your oyster! And there’s a piece of the pie for all makers! Here are some of the exciting things I’ve been able to create, teach, host, sell and even invent!

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Sincerely Creative Mom started with wreaths, so of course they’re a huge part of the business! I sell hundreds of wreaths online and in boutiques. I also provide video tutorials and wreath recipes on the blog to help makers create beautiful wreaths for Christmas, Easter, spring, summer, fall, Halloween, Patriotic holidays and everything in between – basically wreaths for ALL the things! I don’t just do traditional deco mesh wreaths. There are pancake wreaths, moss based wreaths and grapevines in various shapes – from round to butterfly and star.

Six colorful grapevine and deco mesh wreaths with tulips, florals, ribbons and signs.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. I also sell wreath kits and even promote monthly wreath supply boxes. These come delivered right to your door and are filled with high-quality, seasonally-relevant wreath supplies.

Wreath Classes and Creative Events

Ya’ll as much as I love having a little slice of the internet to share with you all the tutorials, recipes, tips and favorite supplies – nothing beats meeting every one of you in person, giving HUGS, hearing your stories, interacting with you, providing hands on lessons and techniques and seeing your beautiful creations in real life! I’ve been lucky enough to host wreath making classes, present at Wreath Makers Live and even host my own creative events! Back in October 2022, I got to host my very first workshop and retreat called Fill Your Creative Cup. We had supplies, we had swag, we had amazing food and SO. MUCH. FUN! It was amazing to meet so many makers from ACROSS THE COUNTRY – coming to my home state, Michigan. I will definitely be doing more of these!

Four pictures of Melissa giving instruction and taking selfies with wreath class in background.

If you’re interested in hosting a wreath making class or even a bigger creative event, check out my popular eBook on how to host a profitable wreath making class in person!

Creative Coaching

Becoming a creative coach with The Makers University has been another dream come true. I am part of a truly inspiring group of people that have helped thousands of creators! I get to work with other coaches to help makers design something beautiful, learn how to consider different design options, build their confidence and remove roadblocks that might be in their way. Along with teaching new designs and techniques, I can also provide business advice based on my own experience. Believe me, I know how hard it can be to start and maintain a business!!

Six creative coaches holding up decorative cakes.

The Pancake Wreath

Did I mention I created a signature wreath style?! Years ago, as I prepared for a wreath making class in Michigan, I searched for ways to give my students the best bang for their buck AND make a wreath that could fit between two doors (it’s very common in the Midwest to have a front door and storm door!). And this was when the pancake wreath was born! This deco mesh wreath is sleek, thin, and round and flat as a pancake – hence the name. it’s about 4-9 inches thinner than a typical deco mesh wreath, but you can still use signs, bows and florals.

Six pancake wreaths of various colors and made with ribbon, bows and signs.

From Business Owner to Inventor: The Pancake Wreath Frame

The most recent addition to my business is by far one of the most exciting!! In April 2023, I unveiled the Pancake Wreath Frame (patent pending) – a wreath form that will change the wreath making world! And the best part? It was invented by ME AND Damon from DecoExchange! This brand spankin’ new product comes in two sizes and makes it easier to make and teach others to make the pancake wreath. It also helps pipe cleaners stay put and makes it easier to add florals, ribbons, weight and signs to your design.

Eight pancake wreaths of various colors, ribbons, bows and signs pictured with the pancake wreath frame.

I am over the moon about the demand we’re already seeing from this product and the hundreds of positive reviews we’re already receiving! I can’t believe I get to do this every day – that I get to invent a product that helps other crafters and make gorgeous designs! It’s truly a dream come true. *I think the last I checked we’ve sold over 30,000 frames.

To get your own pancake frame, you can buy the frame bundle on DecoExchange.  

Large pancake wreath frame on grid with Sincerely Creative Mom logo sticker.

My Mission to Empower Other Creatives

I hope my story shows fellow makers – especially mommas – that it CAN be done. You CAN live the life of your dreams – whether that’s improving your craft, making beautiful designs for loved ones, inventing a cool new product or owning a full-fledged business! It may take time to figure out what direction you want your passion, hobby or business to go, but with hard work, a supportive community and A LOT of patience, you’ll get there! And I want to be there with you! My dream job is coaching other creatives and seeing their dreams come true – just like mine have!

Large group of wreath makers holding the wreaths they made.

If you’re looking to get serious about your wreath making and would love some help, start with checking out my site, blog and Facebook page. You can also join my text group to get notifications about new posts, tutorials, classes and challenges. You can send questions and pictures of your projects and I’ll do my best to reply back. To join, simply text 810-498-2310 and you’ll be added to the group!

All of the amazing things that have happened for me over the years – I want all of that and more for you! You can have a similar story. You can live the life you want! I know what it’s like to work for your dreams and the amazing feeling you get when they come true! Be patient and positive and enjoy the journey. I and the rest of the maker community are with you!

Sincerely, Melissa

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