How to Make a Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

There’s no better way to welcome spring – and your house guests – than with florals, butterflies, and pastels! That’s why I was so pumped for my February wreath supply box, which came filled with all things spring. That includes a pretty pink butterfly grapevine wreath – so fabulous that it didn’t need too much added to it. All I had to do was put together some florals, make a beautiful bow and attach it to the wreath. Read on to learn how to make this DIY decorative piece and the supplies you’ll need to accomplish this look.

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February Wreath Supply Subscription Box

The biggest piece I used for this grapevine wreath – the actual wreath frame – came from my February subscription box from Deco Exchange. Every month, a new box is delivered right to my door and helps me create something new! These boxes are best used for inspiration, with wreath supplies that help motivate and inspire you to create something uniquely your own! This is NOT a wreath kit. Instead, you get various, seasonally-relevant wreath-making supplies and use your creativity and amazing talent to think up a project … then do it!

I made a gorgeous floral grapevine wreath with a super sweet sign and bow from the supplies in January’s box. From February’s box – ya’ll, I can’t even handle it – I’m making an ADORABLE butterfly grapevine wreath that’s perfect for Easter, spring, and summer. 

I am exceptionally proud of the February 2022 wreath supply box because I personally helped pick out the items in this box! The items included two fun, glittery floral picks, a butterfly grapevine wreath frame, aqua and floral ribbon, striped mesh, and three SUPER cute, wooden Easter signs. If you’re keeping track, that’s enough supplies to make more than one type of DIY wreath!

If you want to learn how to make a butterfly grapevine wreath like mine, you’re in the right place! I’ll tell you what supplies you need and take you through each step below.

Supplies Needed to Make a Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

You don’t need to have the subscription box to make this wreath on your own. You can find similar materials from online retailers, like DecoratorCrafts, and at your local craft store.

Here’s what you need to make this grapevine wreath.

23-inch butterfly grapevine wreath frame (Get the same exact one on DecoExchange)

2 floral picks

1 greenery bush with small white blooms (found at At Home)

1 roll of 1.5-inch wire ribbon (I got mine from Sam’s Club)

1-2 pipe cleaners

Several zip ties

Stem cutter

Glue pot

Instructions for Making a Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

Once you have your supplies and you’re ready to design, follow these five simple steps to make your own DIY butterfly wreath. If you want to watch how to do it step-by-step, check out my tutorial video included at the end of this post. You’ll also get to see all of the supplies that came in the February subscription box.

Step 1: Prepare your floral picks

Use a stem cutter to cut the stems of your two floral picks to shorten the lengths. If needed, use pieces of your greenery bush to fill out the floral picks. Use zip ties to secure all of the stems in the bunch, cutting any excess plastic.

Step 2: Bring the floral bunches together

Line the two floral bunches close together by the end of their stems, so the flowers are at both the top and bottom. Zip tie the bunches together.

Step 3: Make a bow

Pinch, twist, and loop the ribbon, gathering and pinching behind the loops. Do this at least ten times, so you have at least five loops on each side. Make sure the front ribbon stays on the top. Once you have at least five loops on each side, grab a pipe cleaner and twist it around the center of the bow nice and tight.

Step 4: Attach the florals and bow to the grapevine wreath

Use a zip tie to attach the florals to the grapevine wreath. Place the bow in the center of your floral bunch to cover the zip ties wrapped around the florals. Use the arms of the pipe cleaners to go through the grapevine and twist the pipe cleaners tightly together behind the wreath. To hide the pipe cleaners, stick the back into the wreath.

Step 5: Fluff your bow

Pull each loop of the bow to fluff them out a bit. Make a V cut at the end of the ribbon by folding the tails in half and cutting the end at an angle. Then, curl the tails slightly by rolling them up and allowing them to unravel on their own.

I say it in the tutorial video, and I’ll say it here, too. Remember, not all of your designs have to be elaborate or dramatic! Sometimes, I like to go for simpler pieces, especially when the frame alone is big or very detailed. I didn’t want to take away from the butterfly piece itself, so I only added a few pieces to it.

Other Grapevine Wreath Ideas for Spring and Summer

Grapevine wreaths hold floral stems and greenery bushes so well it makes them the perfect wreath base for spring and summer. I absolutely love the various ways you can display flowers in these wreaths. And because grapevine wreath frames are smaller, natural, and more toned-down, you can add ALL THE THINGS, including signs, florals, and BOWS!

Here are a few of my most recent favorites to give you some ideas for your spring and summer door décor.

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How to Make a Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

Sincerely Creative Mom is here to walk you through the five steps of making a beautiful butterfly grapevine wreath for spring.
Total Time20 minutes
Keyword: butterfly grapevine wreath, DIY wreath, grapevine wreath, grapevine wreath ideas, spring, spring wreath
Yield: 1 wreath


  • 1 stem cutter
  • 1 glue pot
  • 1-2 pipe cleaners
  • Several Zip ties


  • 1 23-inch butterfly grapevine wreath frame
  • 2 floral picks
  • 1 greenery bush with white blooms
  • 1 1.5-inch wire ribbon roll


  • Shorten your floral stems as needed and add pieces of your greenery bush to fill them out. Use a zip tie to secure everything together.
  • Line the two floral bunches together by the ends of their stems, so the flowers are on the top and bottom. Zip tie the bunches together.
  • Make a bow by pinching, twisting, and looping your ribbon. Make at least five loops on each side, then twist a pipe cleaner around the center.
  • Zip tie the florals to the grapevine wreath, then place the bow in the center of the flower bunch to cover the zip ties. Push the arms of the pipe cleaners the bow through the grapevine and twist them tightly behind the wreath. 
  • Fluff your bow by pulling each loop. Make a V cut at the end of the ribbon by folding the tails in half and cutting at an angle. Curl the tails slightly by rolling them up and allowing them to unravel on their own.


Pin this tutorial for later if you still need to get your supplies together.

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