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How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath with Florals

One of the things I love about wreath making is that there is a design for any time of the year! Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. You can have something beautiful for your front door or living space ALL YEAR! I hope I got you set up for spring with floral grapevine tutorials and a step-by-step guide for making a tulip candle base.

Now it’s time to talk SUMMER ya’ll!

I gotta say, I have such a ball with summer wreaths because the designs are always so bright and joyful and FUN – just like the season! The deco mesh wreath in this post is no exception. It will bring such a big pop of color to your front door, and it features THE symbol of hospitality – the pineapple! I can’t think of a better decoration to welcome guests to your home! Read on to learn how to make a deco mesh wreath with florals and the cutest pineapple ribbon and sign. And if you’re not ready to make this deco mesh wreath DIY just yet, make sure you pin this tutorial for later.

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deco mesh wreath with pineapple ribbon and florals

Deco Mesh Wreath Supplies

Here are the deco mesh wreath supplies you’ll need to make this fun and adorable wreath with florals. I’ve also included where I got the supplies, including the fun sign and perfect pineapple ribbon, to make it easier for you to find them. As you can see, you can find many of the supplies at your local craft store or even the dollar store!

Supply list:

14-inch wreath wire frame from the Dollar Tree

12-inch wooden pineapple sign from the Hot Mesh Mom

2 yellow greenery bushes (60919) from DecoExchange

4 zip tie mounts from DecoExchange

Pipe cleaners from Hobby Lobby

2 rolls of green mesh

2.5-inch floral wired ribbons from Michaels

1.5-inch Pineapple wired ribbon from the Wreath Shop

2.5-inch striped wired ribbon from DecoExchange

Hot glue

Hot glue pot from amazon

If you’re looking for unique, high-quality ribbons and other wreath products, Hot Mesh Mom and the Wreath Shop are my go-to shops. I seriously love the beautiful wreath attachments, ribbons, and other supplies they carry –  and there are always so many different products to choose from! If you love the pineapple ribbon and sign from this wreath, these are the shops I found them.

How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath Step-By-Step

When working with a wire frame, remember: your job as a wreath maker is to cover that wire frame! While the deco mesh we’re using in this project is high quality, it doesn’t have a ton of coverage. But don’t worry! We’re working it with our ribbon and florals, so there will be plenty of coverage! You can see ALL the layers in the image below.

Step 1: Prepare your mesh and ribbon

Cut 12 pieces of mesh at 25 inches.

Cut 24 total ribbon tails at 14 inches:

  • 12 ribbon tails of your 1.5-inch wired ribbon
  • 12 ribbon tails of your 2.5-inch wired ribbon

Step 2: Attach pipe cleaners to wreath frame

Twist one pipe cleaner around the frame’s inner two rings at each of the frame’s six brackets. Then, twist a pipe cleaner around the outer two rings, positioned between the six brackets.

You should have 12 pipe cleaners total.

Step 3: Make your deco mesh ruffle

Lay your mesh down so the roll is towards you. Make a small curl at the start of the mesh by rolling it two or three times. Then scrunch the mesh, gathering it as you pull it towards you. Then make another curl at the other end by rolling it towards you two or three times.

Curling the ends helps them stay concealed.

Step 4: Attach your mesh ruffle

The mesh ruffle will look like a butterfly. You’re going to lay the ruffle in one of the outer pipe cleaners, horizontally, with its wings going out side to side. Then twist the pipe cleaner around the center of the ruffle.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 around the outer pipe cleaners.

Step 5: Make your ribbon cluster

Each ribbon cluster will have a 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch ribbon tail. Stack your ribbon with your favorite one on top (that doesn’t have to be the 1.5-inch ribbon). Pinch the stack at the center, then lay it in the middle of the deco mesh cluster with the ribbon tails facing out toward you. Twist the pipe cleaner around the ribbon, then cut off the excess pipe cleaner.

Pull your ribbons apart and spread them out.

Repeat step 5 around the outer pipe cleaners and mesh clusters, ensuring all the ribbons are pointing out toward you. Make sure the ribbon tails follow a pattern. In this wreath, the ribbon designs follow the pattern: floral, pineapple, floral, pineapple. This makes it easier on the eye.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 on the inner rings

Before attaching your mesh cluster to the inner rings, push the mesh on the out rings down a little, covering the pipe cleaner and making space for the inner cluster.

Remember that whatever ends up in the center of the frame is going to end up beneath that sign. That’s why it’s important to have most of your stuff sticking out towards you like a sunburst.

After attaching the mesh clusters, go through and add your ribbon. Once the ribbon is attached to the mesh clusters, do NOT cut the excess pipe cleaners.

Step 6: Attach your florals

Lay your greenery bush on top of the ribbon and snuggle it into the cluster. Twist your pipe cleaner around the florals and use glue to secure it in there. Remember, you are only adding the florals in the inner rings.

Step 6: Attach your sign

Glue zip tie mounts to the back of your sign, then add a pipe cleaner to each mount, leaving a long stem to slide through the wreath. Snuggle the sign into the center of the wreath, then stick the pipe cleaners straight through the wreath mesh to the wire frame and twist it around the frame.

Step 7: Make and attach your bow

Using the 2.5-inch striped wired ribbon, make a bow by looping, pinching, twisting, and looping – making one loop on each side. Then do the same with your 1.5-inch pineapple ribbon, making two loops on each side. Combine the ribbons and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center, then use the same pipe cleaner to attach it to the wreath just as you did the sign. Dovetail the ribbon ends, lift the center loop up to hide the pipe cleaner, and fluff your bow.

Other Deco Mesh Wreath Styles for Summer

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for summer wreaths for your front door décor. You can buy wreaths like these and others in my Etsy shop or watch my YouTube tutorials to learn how to make your own!

4th of July

You can’t celebrate summer without celebrating everyone’s favorite summer holiday 4TH OF JULY! This is the perfect time to show off your love for the country with a patriotic deco mesh pancake wreath. There are SO many different patriotic-themed ribbons and mesh out there. From stars and stripes to polka dots and buffalo print and everything in between. Red, white, and blue for days! So much fun!

Sweet Memories

One of the most popular, sweetest summer fruits is watermelon. Not only is it a refreshing treat, but it’s also a big part of such memorable summer festivities as picnics, backyard barbecues, and trips to the farmer’s market. Celebrate this sweet summer treat with the perfect summer wreath, made with watermelon-colored deco mesh or designed with watermelon ribbons or signs.

ALL the Mesh

I love the fullness of mesh and how it can transform a normal wreath form into something completely different. I love making full flowers with the stuff. With this style, you forgo ribbon altogether and stick with just mesh, forming it into one big, beautiful flower.

A Little More Toned Down

Summer wreaths don’t have to be crazy busy or have insanely bright colors all the time. You don’t always have to use a sign or a ton of ribbon with your mesh wreath, either. Pastels are a little subtler but still a great color scheme for summer. And if you decide to use ribbon, polka dots or ribbon with smaller images are a great choice.

Host a Wreath Making Class

If you’re ready to teach others how to make a deco mesh wreath, check out my best-selling e-book, “How to Host a Profitable Wreath Class in Person.” In the 46-page tutorial, I’ll get into all the details of hosting a successful and PROFITABLE in-person wreath class. You’ll get step-by-step instructions that walk you through the entire process, from marketing and preparing for the class, to collecting money and running the class. You’ll hear about the good and the bad from my very own experience hosting classes and learn from my successes… and my failures. At the end of this book, you’ll know what supplies you need, what prizes to offer, where to book venues, what your timeline should look like, how to market your class, how much you’ll likely spend, and how to profit.

For more tips, tutorials, and exciting news from Sincerely Creative Mom, join my text group by texting 810-498-2310. You can also text me pictures of your beautiful deco mesh wreaths or ask me questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’d love to have you in this community!

Deco Mesh DIY Printable Instructions

Print out and save the instructions below to take with you when you purchase your deco mesh wreath supplies and when you create your design.

How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath with Florals

Sincerely Creative Mom is here to walk you through the steps of making a welcoming deco mesh wreath for summer.
Total Time45 minutes
Keyword: Deco Mesh wreath, DIY wreath, Summer wreath
Yield: 1 wreath


  • 1 hot glue
  • 1 hot glue pot


  • 1 14-inch wreath wire frame
  • 2 rolls green mesh
  • 1 12-inch wooden pineapple sign
  • 2 yellow greenery bushes (60919)
  • 4 zip tie mounts
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • 2.5-inch floral wired ribbons
  • 1.5-inch Pineapple wired ribbon
  • 2.5-inch striped wired ribbon


  • Cut 12 pieces of mesh at 25 inches. Cut 12 ribbon tails of your 1.5-inch wired ribbon and 12 ribbon tails of your 2.5-inch wired ribbon.
  • Attach pipe cleaners around the top (or inner) two rings at each of the frames six brackets. Then attach six more pipe cleaners around the bottom (or outer) rings in the spaces between the brackets.
  • Make a small curl at the start of your mesh, then gather the mesh as you pull it towards you to make a mesh ruffle. Make a small curl at the other end of the mesh.
  • Lay the mesh ruffle horizontally on top of the outer pipe cleaner and secure the pipe cleaner around the center of the ruffle. Do this for all outer pipe cleaners.
  • Take you 1.5-inch ribbon tail and 2.5-inch ribbon tail and stack your favorite ribbon tail on top of the other tail. (The 1.5-inch wire ribbon tail doesn’t have to be on the top).
  • Pinch the ribbons at the center, then lay them in the middle of the mesh cluster and twist the pipe cleaner around the ribbon.
  • Attach the mesh clusters and ribbon to the inner pipe cleaners, following steps 3-5.
  • Snuggle your greenery bush into the mesh and ribbon cluster on the inner ring only. Twist the pipe cleaners around the greenery bush stems to secure.
  • Glue zip mounts to the back of your sign, then attach a pipe cleaner to each mount, making sure the pipe cleaner’s arms are long enough to stick through the mesh and twist around the frame.
  • Make a bow with your 2.5-striped wired ribbon and your 1.5-inch pineapple ribbon. Make one loop on each side of your 2.5-inch ribbon and two loops on each side of your 1.5-inch ribbon. Combine the ribbons and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center, then attach the bow to the wreath using the same pipe cleaner. Fluff your bow.


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